Social Media: The Beginning and End of Relationships

Well, hey there.
I know it's been awhile, but I thought I would share something that I wrote about a month back. 
And like I've said a million times before, I'm back to posting.

Social media has killed relationships.
It’s given way to a casual culture – a culture of hook-ups, loose commitment and even looser morals. Introducing Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder … the list goes on. And who’s allowing this to happen? We are. Millennials can’t have relationships because they’re too busy being in a serious “It’s Complicated” with technology. Not convinced? Go to dinner. Who’s sitting at the table with phones in hand? Go to Starbucks. Is there anyone waiting in line NOT on their phone? If we don’t set our phones downs and look at the people across from us, we are doomed.
Take a look at our grandparents. The generation that has been married for 30, 40, 50 years. I know this is shocking, but they didn’t text each other. They wrote letters. They wrote their thoughts down on a piece of paper, mailed it and the recipient read it in three to four business days. Phone calls were made. There wasn’t time for casual because people were too busy being intentional. There was no miscommunication. And it was really, really hard to pursue multiple relationships at once because those things took a lot of time and effort. Now, where is effort? I don’t see it anymore.
Don’t get me wrong. I went to Christian elementary, middle and high school. After that, I went to a Christian university. I have been immersed in a culture that is very pro-commitment, and I’m thankful for that. I am not saying that my dear friends that are married and engaged have no chance. They are the few, the outliers. That’s not normal in our culture. According to this article, only 26 percent of 18-to-33-year-olds are married — compared to our grandparents’ generation, 65 percent of which were married at those ages.
So what’s normal? My friends calling me crying because they’ve found out their significant other has a Tinder and is talking to other girls. And worse, lying about it. People that are in serious relationships and sending harmless (and questionable) photos to the opposite sex via Snapchat. Those that text multiple people at the same time, but with the same intentions for each. Things are so incredibly casual and messy it’s hard to see what’s real.
And what’s worse is our culture supports this. It’s all about the moment. What feels good and makes sense in the moment. I’ve seen great relationships and marriages ruined, and social media sparked the fire. And it’s okay that it’s happening as long as it’s not happening to you.
I’ve been in several situations where the guy I was ‘getting to know’ was also getting to know other girls … and lying about it. In this world, we are always looking for the ‘next best thing.’ Why have just have one? Who needs commitment? Who needs a phone call when you can text whoever, whenever. Who wants to take someone out when they can just go to a bar? People go in and out of relationships like it’s going out of style. There’s a new person on their Instagram every month. To me, it’s just a waste of time. It leads to mistrust and confusion. I am tired of people ‘caring’ about someone and then talking to other people, swiping on Tinder and Snapchatting or Facebooking the opposite sex. Forget it. Count me out. No thank you.
I know no one is perfect. I know that we are saved by grace by the One that is perfect. But just because we are a sinful people doesn’t mean we can just do whatever feels good. It’s time to step up. If you aren’t ready for a commitment, that’s fine. But leave someone’s emotions out of it. If something doesn’t change, our future looks pretty bleak. And bless the generation after us. We are going down a slippery slope. It’s time to stop making excuses, trying to be people who live in just the moment and have little regard for the aftermath. I’m not saying you have to get married, but set down the phones for a second … log off the computers … come back to reality. And be intentional. I’m ready to say goodbye to this hook-up, heartbreak culture.

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Design Time.

I really like my blog design, but I'm starting to get the fever.
That one where you've had the same room accents for a few years and you need a change. 
So I'm turning to ya'll ...
Any suggestions on some reasonable and really cute designs?
Please and thank you.
Honestly, my life lately has been a bit crazy.
One. more. month. 
until graduation.
It hasn't really hit me yet, but I know it will.
I've been applying for jobs so fingers crossed that this girl gets a job.
Here's what I've been up to lately ... besides binge-watching Scandal so I could get to the season finale. 
Anyone else freak out?
My last Chi-O formal

Our chapter won the #whyilovechio contest so this happened.
Lots of red and yellow, cake, an owl costume and the Governing Council.
I will miss my sweet time as a Chi Omega at school but this girl is ready to graduate.
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Feelin' 22 Like T.Swift

This past week I celebrated my 22nd birthday.
What a dream!
Now, I love birthdays. I'm talking major love!
It's the one time where it's socially acceptable for me to eat five cupcakes in a day. 
I was able to celebrate with my nearest and dearest.
Cannot say how blessed I feel - I am most certainly looking forward to this year of my life. 
Here's a look at what my day consisted of. 

Now off to celebrate our snow day today! 
Here's to coffee, movies and studying. 
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Day of Love.

One of my favorite holidays is right around the corner ...
And no, I'm not referring to my birthday (although I do love a good birthday)
I am talking about the day of red and pink, hearts, sugary sweets and LOVE.
That's right. Valentine's Day.
Now, you're reading this and either:
A. Rolling your eyes at me
B. Agreeing completely with my entirely mushy outlook on the whole man-made holiday
C. You could care less
Let's pretend like we all said 'B.' 
I'm allllll about some Valentine's Day.
I can't remember when I didn't love it.
Since the early days of elementary school, I have dressed in red and pink and given out Valentines.
But am I over the generic stuffed animal and roses.
What man even decided on a stuffed animal to give to his significant other?
It had to be a man, right? Because what woman wants a huge bear to snuggle with?
Okay, maybe someone does but nevertheless- I want something different.
And even if you don't have a significant other -- Hello Galentine's Day...
You can still treat yourself to something special.
So here's my list of what I would want:
A manicure
Sweet Treats

Retail Therapy
Netflix Marathon (that's me, everyday)
And I know I don't need to tell ya'll this but be reminded - you do NOT need to have a special someone in order to celebrate Valentine's Day to its full potential. 
Whether it's loving your boy, your friends or yourself -- each one is special.
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Remember me?
Probably not ... and that's totally okay. 
It's been awhile and for that -- I apologize.
But here I am, with three more months left in my collegiate career and I'm ready to get back into writing. 
So let's try this out. 

Shirt || H&M (old) Jeans || GAP Scarf || Charming Charlie's Lips || MAC Rebel
Life has been great, and I've had a whole month off of school. 
But now it's back to the grind, and I'm ready to finish strong.
So for those of you who are in the same boat (the boat of graduating, job applications and anxiety) then I'm here to tell you that I get you.
And I'm praying for you.
I'm so excited for what the future holds ... and cannot wait to be graduated and employed (Lord willing!)
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DIY Mugs

I'm allll about some Pinterest crafts.
So when these fun DIY mugs startin' popping up all over the Pinterest world, I wanted to
needed to try it out for myself.
There's been a whole lot of debate about this Sharpie issue. On the Pinterest craft I looked at, it said to use Sharpies and bake for 30 min at 350. 
That I did.
But I also heard that the Sharpie doesn't stay on if you run those mugs through the dishwasher. 
SO that being said... if you want to use regular Sharpies-- do it. BUT hand wash those babies. 
I recently just went out and purchased some oil-based Sharpies from Hobby Lobby to test those out (I heard those really do last through the dishwasher.) 
That's the end of my rant. 
Here's what I did::
{finished products}
{fun initials!}
{back of the initial mug ... that's where my university is located!}
{side view}
Now it's your turn!
They're easy, quick and make the cutest gifts. 
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I love selling my stuff on eBay.
Most of the time, my items sell but lately I've fallen into a rut on eBay.
I don't know what it is (maybe my items are just that bad) but I'm having a hard time selling.
Enter : Poshmark.
I am obsessed with this app.
Not only can I easily post my clothes/jewelry/whatever directly from my phone 
but I can also check out other closets.
And I've found some of the cutest closets.
Want to find me on Poshmark?
My name is @mckenziecm
Have your own account? I'd love to find ya! Comment below and give me your Poshmark name.
PS I'm trying really hard to sell these beloved Rebecca Minkoff leopard print jeans.
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