DIY Mugs

I'm allll about some Pinterest crafts.
So when these fun DIY mugs startin' popping up all over the Pinterest world, I wanted to
needed to try it out for myself.
There's been a whole lot of debate about this Sharpie issue. On the Pinterest craft I looked at, it said to use Sharpies and bake for 30 min at 350. 
That I did.
But I also heard that the Sharpie doesn't stay on if you run those mugs through the dishwasher. 
SO that being said... if you want to use regular Sharpies-- do it. BUT hand wash those babies. 
I recently just went out and purchased some oil-based Sharpies from Hobby Lobby to test those out (I heard those really do last through the dishwasher.) 
That's the end of my rant. 
Here's what I did::
{finished products}
{fun initials!}
{back of the initial mug ... that's where my university is located!}
{side view}
Now it's your turn!
They're easy, quick and make the cutest gifts. 
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