I love selling my stuff on eBay.
Most of the time, my items sell but lately I've fallen into a rut on eBay.
I don't know what it is (maybe my items are just that bad) but I'm having a hard time selling.
Enter : Poshmark.
I am obsessed with this app.
Not only can I easily post my clothes/jewelry/whatever directly from my phone 
but I can also check out other closets.
And I've found some of the cutest closets.
Want to find me on Poshmark?
My name is @mckenziecm
Have your own account? I'd love to find ya! Comment below and give me your Poshmark name.
PS I'm trying really hard to sell these beloved Rebecca Minkoff leopard print jeans.
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I start off every blog with how bad of a blogger I am.
About that...
I need to make a resolution or something that I will stay on track.
Summer means shopping.
Okay, all the time means shopping but summer especially.
Lately, I've been seeing everyone and their mother with these babies from Target:
I mean how cute are these?!
I wanted one in every color.
Only problem? They're $9.99 and I didn't feel like spending that on a cup.
Call me cheap but I rather buy some Essie polish...Anyone else?
Well, I had given up on the to-go mason jar obsession UNTIL
I see this on Instagram:
photo from thegirlwithpeals instagram (nice find girl)
What does that say? $5? I'm down.
So I ran to my nearest Wally World and found them.
The picture is a little deceiving because the top looks pink but it's actually red.
They only came in two colors (I'm guessing for the 4th) because it's red and navy with matching fun straws -- either way, they're still adorable and half the price.
So I grabbed both.
Now your turn.
Get one before they're gone! 

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