Making Decisions.

I can't begin to describe how absolutely awful I am at making decisions- 
especially making decisions and feeling really good about them.
It's a process for me that takes long amounts of time, many pro/con lists and consideration 
but most importantly- prayer.
Now, I know that I wish sometimes that the Lord would just send me a neon sign with the answer on it.
But that's most likely not going to happen (it could, God could do whatever He wanted).
The moral of the story is I can't make up my mind...ever.
But I did. 
And I'm proud of myself & trying not to second guess myself.
I made a decision that just seems right for me and it is the smart choice money-wise.
So here it is- my choice.
I'm attending Western Kentucky University this fall.
I'll keep ya'll updated.
Here goes nothin'.

Recent Obsessions.

My mind has been so preoccupied lately.
I apologize for the lack of postings. 
With college on the horizon, I've been running around like crazy.
Who am I kidding?
I'm always running around like crazy.
But here are a few of my recent favorites.
The pretzel m&m obsession isn't over but these are very strong competitors. 
My new dress from the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale 
I am obsessed with that color.
Starbucks Via Instant Iced Coffee
Don't get me wrong, I love my Keurig- but having iced coffee is the best in the summer.
I can't justify drinking hot coffee when it's about 95 degrees outside.
And this comes naturally sweetened or caramel flavor (which both taste great)
Essie Power Clutch.
The perfect green/gray for fall.
Cute owl things.
I'm loving buying all these cute items for my future little.
Future little, whoever you are- you are already spoiled and loved.

"A Chi Omega never walks with a cigarette in her hand…"

Okay, I thoroughly enjoyed the book
and I adored the movie.
Can you take a guess?
That's right.
The Help.
I laughed, I cried, I wanted to hurt Hilly Holbrook.
And the fabulous fashion of those prim & proper ladies in Jackson, MS
And the best part (okay, not really) but these girls were Chi Omegas
My sister friends obviously.
But it's crazy to think that this was not that long ago- and those events represent a part of America's past
A part many are not proud of.
It's sad, but amazing to look at how far America has come and the fact that a movie like this 
can really evoke emotion from everyone.
I loved it.
Please go see it...
Right now.


Happy Tuesday
(which in my book, is way better than Monday)
Today I was wishing that I could do some type of give away on my bloggy
but considering there's about 19 followers that probably wouldn't turn out.
But I do have something quite precious to give away. 
Should I just go ahead and do it and pick between the three of you that enter ;) 
I've been obsessing over the upcoming fall trends
and I can't wait to try this one out 
especiallyyy with my new obsession for nails
Not just any green, but a rich, darker forest green.
I'm not talking third grade, neon lime green nails.
Sorry for those that still do that? 
But if ya'll have tried it let a girl know!

I Do Yo Nails?

My college friends and I always joke about nail salons.
But lately I've really been getting into nails...and make up... and hair.
There's something about Sephora that makes me want to look around forever.
This is my newest nail creation- not a fav. but an experiment.
Now is the time when all my friends start slowly leaving for school.
Us Samford students are literally the last ones to leave.
But before we left, we took some group shots - minus Ash and Heath :(


Playing Catch-up

It's officially been awhile since I've updated in the blog world.
As usual, this summer has been crazy busy with traveling and such.
Hope everyone has had a great week and tried to stay out of the Southern heat.
Here's a look at what my life has consisted of lately:
Visited Nashville twice this summer and went to The Perch several different times while there.
The best coffee drinks and crepes. 
Ventured to Laina's lake house with some of the girls and built a huge bonfire.
Okay, her dad built it- but it was one heck of a fire!
And perfect for roasting marsh mellows
For girls night at Emma's house, I made home-made Oatmeal Creme Pies!
& Em had the fabulous idea of making our own mini pizzas.

Cool new braids I learned how to do.
The first picture is what Alex did to my entire head- love it.
and I successfully fishtail braided Olivia's hair! 

One of our best friends, Alex, got ENGAGED!
Congratulations Alex & Keith.
What a beautiful ring :)
We made them fruit pizzas, chocolate covered strawberries and much more!
I traveled back to Nashville with Laina for the Jake Owen and Keith Urban concert.
Keith Urban is our absolute favorite.
It was a great, great concert.
The best part was not being able to find our parking garage for about an hour after the show.
In cowboy boots.
The next morning Laina and I headed back to the Perch for some delicious crepes.
Peanut Butter, Honey, Granola and Bananas!
And now I'm in Augusta with this boy ^
Good, good times.


My life has been one big, crazy whirlwind of stuff.
I feel like I'm running around everywhere and can't seem to get enough checked off my To-Do List.
I'm so ready for a break (which is headed my way soon).
Here are a few photos off (helps me to forget my huge list of stuff to do) haha
May this week, everyone stop and breathe 
and thank the Lord for just another day.


Upside Down.

The braid has been extremely popular this season.
Salons are even charging to braid patrons hair (say what?) 
Don't get me wrong, I love braids but I am not quite willing to shell out $45 bucks for a braid 
But there's a new braid in town
Let me introduce you to the upside down braid
Yeah, you heard that right.
via Refinery 29
I tried this today and actually liked it.
I can't really french braid, so I did a normal one and it looked about the same.
A different twist on a simple look.