Happy Halloween!
Ya'll...I forgot it was Halloween until someone mentioned it this morning.
That's how crazy this week has already been.
I normally LOVE Halloween---candy, costumes, what's not to like?
Last weekend, I traveled to Nashville with one of my best friends
to visit a friend from high school and it was so good. 
Okay, I know these look like dinner rolls BUT they're actually Symphony brownies with marshmellows on top. Don't know what those are? You take regular brownie mix but but Symphony hershey bars in the middle. Oh.my.amazing.
My friend Emma and I at an early morning brunch at the Perch.
Paint Rave got the best of us.

Ya'll. Peanut Butter + Banana + Granola + Honey Crepe. 
It was such a refreshing and fun weekend!
Wish Jackson was as exciting as Nash. Ha. 
Also, just for your enjoyment. Halloween circa 2006. I was a pimp. You're welcome. 
I'm dying to make these owl cupcakes. 
Perfect for Halloween....and Chi Omega.
Has anyone ever tried?!
Enjoy your night...and fun costumes!

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We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together.

This blog title is an ode to T. Swift.
It's only appropriate because she just released her new album and the entire population
of teens, tweens, women under the age of 90 are freaking out.
I mean, no shame--I've had a listen or two. 
Anywho, exciting information...for me. Maybe for you? 
Get excited with me people.
After searching for years....okay a few weeks--I have found my semi-formal dress.
Can I get an 'Amen'?
Here is the winner:
The dress is from a precious boutique called Bluetique.
Our theme is Boots and Bowties.
Come on, that's so stinking cute.
But that means I have to wear cowboy boots with this baby.
I am crossing my fingers it looks decent, kind of decent, maybe even looks good?
What do ya'll think?
I need some opinions.
Also, tonight is free Chick-fil-A night for Union students.
That's the closest thing to Christmas people. 
Too much?
Hope ya'll have a fab. Tuesday.
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New Tunes.

I feel like it's always the same thing...
I'm busy, I tell you all I'm busy, I'm a slacker at blogging, school is hard, I'm dropping out and becoming a cat lady. 
Wait, scratch that last part...
Anyway, I've been doing homework and projects 24/7 but the girl has got to have some study jams.
That's where the new music comes in.
Has anyone else noticed every artist has come out with a new CD?!
Okay, not every artist--but you catch my drift. 
My top (fairly new) albums are as follows:
1. Mumford and Sons- Babel
I love Mumford and Sons--something about listening to them puts me in a good mood.
They're perfect for 'those days'. That's a vague statement if there ever was one. 
Favorites:: Babel, Lover's Eyes, I'll Wait
2. Jason Aldean- Night Train
I am obsessed with Jason Aldean.
Everything about him...minus the hoop earrings. Stop that Jason.
But his music + windows down + sun shining = perfect day. 
Favorites:: Take a Little Ride, This Nothin' Town
3. Taylor Swift- Red
I haven't listened to all of it obviously since it hasn't been released yet (October 22) but I am listening on YouTube and this is SO not country music. 
Don't hurt me for that statement but c'mon people...it's not.
Favorites:: Red, Begin Again
all images via google
4. The Avett Brothers- Carpenter
I have seen them live and they never get old to me.
They're so fun to listen to and this album is no exception. 
Favorites:: Live and Die
There you have it my friends!
And just as a reminder (for me especially):
via pinterest
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Blogger's Block.

I've been on Fall Break and I don't know if I'm ready for reality yet or not.
Being home was the best thing that's happened to me in a while.
I had some fellowship with friends and family, ate some amazing food and saw Eric Church live.
I repeat, I saw Eric Church live people and he rocked.
Here are some snapshots from this long weekend. 
Loved riding home with these ladies but really loved that we all wore the same thing...not on purpose. 

Four girls, one car, we were SO ready to be in Louisville.
Drank too many not enough cups of coffee.
 I spotted this perfectly pink pumpkin (say that five times fast)
A girl's night was much needed--it was so good seeing them.
Pumpkin Patch times, sipping hot apple cider and searching for the perfect one. 
Last but certainly not least, my high-quality Eric Church concert pictures.
Some cowboy got in one of my pictures but I actually really like how it looks.
Creeper status, I know but oh well.
I cannot explain to ya'll how great that concert was...just go see him live...just do it. 
::KMSS Giveaway Update::
Sweet Emily over at Kentucky Belle won the giveaway.
Check out her blog--it's too cute. I will say I'm biased--she's from my home, the Bluegrass.
Thanks to everyone who entered!
I hope that your weekend was as relaxing as mine.
I promise to break out of this blogger's funk.
I don't know what it is, maybe all the homework and projects that's looming over my head.
Anyone else feeling overwhelmed this week?
Let a girl know. 
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Sunday Social = Fall.

Oh yes please.
Ashley and Neely are hosting Sunday Social and this week's topic is 
Sunday Social
Which happens to be one of my favorite things to discuss.
So here we go...my favorite things about fall.
via pinterest
1. Anything and everything pumpkin flavored
Pumpkin Pie French Toast
Pumpkin Spice Cookies
all via pinterest
Pumpkin Spice Latte which happens to be my all.time.favorite.
2. Chevron Pumpkins
via pinterest
3. Layers
via pinterest
I love fall clothes--boots, sweaters, leggings. 
Everything about them and their comfy-ness.
4. Football
A lot of people, including me sometimes, forget that Kentucky has a football team.
They aren't quite as good as the basketball team (who am I kidding?)
But I am the biggest fan of tailgating, dressing up and heading to watch the games. 
There's just something about cheering for your team. 
5. Halloween
via pinterest
I love love love getting dressed up for Halloween.
I have ever since I was little-- I suppose it was my deep love for sugary sweets that started the trend
but now I just love the costumes, pumpkins and hot cocoa.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoy this fabulous fall day!

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Friday Favorites.

Oh yesssssss.
Friday Favorites is back and this girl is happy.
Thanks Lindsey over at the Bargain Blonde!
Let the favorites commence:
1. Pumpkin Spice Eggo Waffles
via google
I honestly hadn't eaten Eggo waffles since I was about 12 but then I saw that there was a Limited Edition pumpkin spice flavor and I ran to Target to snatch these up.
I don't even eat them with syrup---they are literally the taste of fall in a waffle.
2. Downton Abbey
via google
I had been hearing people rave about this show but it just never really appealed to me until recently.
My roommate bought Netflix for us and shoot, I cannot stop watching.
I am now obsessed with this show and am currently on Season 1, Episode 8.
The little nerdy history buff in me is content.
3. The Upcoming Election
This picture gets me every time.
Mitt/Barack anyone?
I could not stop watching the last Presidential Debate...so many things happened and it was exciting to watch. Honestly, I cannot wait to vote and I think it's an exciting time for our country.
4. Chevron Pumpkins
via Pinterest
How stinkin' cute are these?
I am not a fan of carving pumpkins (something about the inside of those things...)
so this is a perfect alternative. 
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend andddd
Don't forget to enter the Kiss My Southern Sass Giveaway HERE
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It's OK Thursday.

Hello hello!
::Don't forget to enter the Kiss My Southern Sass giveaway!!!::
I'm linking up again with Amber and Neely.
Its Ok Thursdays
It's ok...
...to still be thinking about the Presidential debate
...to love the Kitchen Aid Twitter mishap only because I am a PR major and that is a prime example of the power of social media 
...to embrace not being a morning person
...to speak sarcasm as a second language
...to forget what day it is
...to procrastinate and watch Netflix instead (Downton Abbey anyone?!)
...to pretend the weather is cold even though it's...well it's not cold
...to not make my bed...three days in a row
...to eat gummy bears instead of fruit (they're Halloween themed-I couldn't resist)
I hope ya'll have a wonderful Thursday!
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Kiss My Southern Sass

I am so excited to announce the giveaway this morning.
I have paired up with Kiss My Southern Sass, whose company's signature is a big, pink bow.
The name in general makes you smile.
Here's what you all will be winning:

1. Phone Case: I'm dying over this case, I want it on my iPhone now.
2. Signature Pink Bow: The perfect shade of pink.
3. Decal: How stinkin' cute is this decal? If it were me, I would put it on my Mac. 
Good luck and Happy Wednesday!
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