Hunger Games.

Alright, I read all three books in the Hunger Games trilogy.
Quickly might I add.
I'm a fast reader already but I couldn't put these babies down.
Run out and get these books, heck get the whole dang set.
You won't be sorry.

They sounded strange at first, but now I'm all up in the hype.
Plus, the movie is coming out in 2012 and what do you know- Jennifer Lawrence is in it. 
She's from Louisville holllaaaa.
And to make it more awesome- we played together as kids. Say whatttt?
Anyways, lately my days have been filled with my viral infection and that is why the updates have been surrriously lacking. I apologize.
For a little bit of fashion thrown in here- my BFF Han and I decided to get friendship bracelets
Nope, not the ones from Claire's that include Best and Friends on different sections of a broken heart
We opted for a much more trendy version via Lauren Elan
seen here:
via Lauren Elan
There are more colors as well.
I got the coral and so did Han of course ha.

Feelin' Good

Today, I went to my first BioFeedback appointment.
Yeah, I wasn't sure what it was either until a dear friend told me about it.
Well, I tried it out and wowzas I love it.
I can literally already tell a difference.
For those that don't know exactly what it is it's...
"Biofeedback is a complementary and alternative medicine technique in which you learn to control bodily functions, such as your heart rate, using your mind. With biofeedback, you're connected to electrical sensors that help you measure and receive information (feedback) about your body (bio). The biofeedback sensors teach you how to make subtle changes in your body, such as relaxing certain muscles, to achieve the results you want, such as reducing pain."
via the Mayo Clinic
There you have it!
I was hooked up to a machine that told me my personality, possible diseases I'm prone to, and could even 'zap' areas I wanted such as my sugar and white flour cravings and helps with headaches.
It was so much fun learning about my body and made me want to run to Whole Foods.
These are some things I've picked up for my new 'natural' lifestyle haha.



Whoa- what a break. 
I feel like I've been gone from this blog forever but it was such a sweet vacay.
I got to see my best friend from college, Hannah
and pretty cool boyfriend and his friends who I hate love. But seriously, they're awesome.
Anyways, I thought I'd share a couple highlight pictures from the fab. but very short weekend
that was spent at two Braves games (one VIP seating high rollers), an H&M trip or lots of shopping in general, Augusta, lots of ice cream and killer food.
Waiting in line for forever
My best friend and Matt's best friends. Good Combo.
Han and Joe
Ze Boy
Beautiful Night
Joes Artsy Photo
Tin Lizzies ahmaazzing Mexican food

Just our tub of ice cream
One dollar pineapple mango smoothie, yes please
Turner Field
So sorry I went a little photo happy.
Hope ya'll had a fab. past weekend as well.


Tomorrow morning at literally the crack of dawn I will be traveling to ATL 
I love flying- hands down not afraid of it at all.
I've flown since I was little and it has never bothered me I don't think.
So I'm excited for the trip but not excited for the time of departure. 
I probably won't update in ATL but when I come home Sunday, expect a post.
On the plane, I'll be reading this book:
I know, it looks really weird but there's been a lot of hype about this book
and a movie is currently in the works, so I thought why not?
I've started it and actually have enjoyed it thus far.
I'll let ya'll know how it goes.
Anyways, the plans for the weekend include:
Staying with my BFF Hannah
Braves Game with my boyfriend and friends
SHOPPING at H&M (yesssss)
Maybe Flip Burger?!
Spending time in a huge city compared to Louisville, KY.
I can't wait to see what this weekend has in store for me.
Hope everyone has a fab. weekend as well.

Jet Setter

This July, I'm headed for Hawaii and I've been brainstorming different outfits to take with me 
Notorious for overpacking, I'm going to make sure I make the most of my outfits.
Recently, I discovered Hallelu boutique and fell in lurrrv.
I've picked out some pieces that scream island vacay
Looky lookyy
Like I Love You Jumpsuit
Never Say Never Dress
Island Paradise 
what an appropriate name
My fav. Golden Girl
Girly Sailor Dress
Ocean Bead Earrings
Tamia Wedge


Father's Day Woes.

Father's Day.
The time of the year when you're not quite sure exactly what to buy.
If you're anything like me, I love to buy gifts for people- especially when it's something they really want
but I find that buying stuff for my dad is especially hard.
Boys are just different to buy for - especially if they're picky.
Me, I have a list of about 20 items deep that I'm lusting over.
Boys, they go to the store, close their eyes and grab.
Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but if you're looking for something to get your dad
check out and
LivingSocial is having something called 'man week' to celebrate Father's Day with awesome coupons
that even the pickiest of a man would enjoy.
I'm debating on whether or not to pick up this great deal at one of Louisville's top-rated Italian restaurants for a Daddy/Daughter dinner date.
Let's face it- not all of us have tons of money to drop on our dads.
I'm telling you- you won't be sorry if you check out these money saving websites!
Then you'll have extra cash for that cute bangle you've been wanting....

p.s. if you live in Louisville click HERE if you want to get your Daddy the same thing I did
but hurry, it's going fast!

Summer Days

I adore summer for many reasons.
The weather is awesome, except when it gets ridic. in Kentucky and I feel
as if I'll pass out from heat stroke any moment.
Those are not good days.
But lately, the weather has been fab. 
I spend most my days with my sweet kiddos I nanny for and interning for a sports magazine
But when I have some time off, I love spending my moments with friends.
Taking a stroll through a neighborhood with some of my friends
Em's ahmmazzing homemade PB and Choc. cupcakes 
Girls' Night last night
I cannot wait to see what else is in store for me this summer.
Lots of work, pool time and traveling! 

Book Review

The Help
After much talk about this book, I decided to add it to my summer list and I am so glad I did
I loved this book.
Based in Jackson, MS- It has the Southern voice and history too.
I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good, easy read- full of joy, sadness and hope.
And I'm so excited that it is coming to theaters this August
Favorite character- Skeeter or Minny look out for Minny.


Make-Up Forever.

Like sunglasses and shoes, make-up will never get old to me.
I could drop tons of money on make-up and not blink an eye.
Okay, maybe not hundreds but I love messing around with it and experimenting-
ask any girl on my hall in college ha.
Anyways, I headed to Sephora tonight in search of something new for my face make-up.
I was using Smashbox Halo powder but decided it was too expensive for summer and considering I don't have fine lines and wrinkles yet (which is what it gets rid of) it was time for a more wallet-friendly choice
and the winner is...
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
perfect for the summer heat and it's not cakey which I love.
And it has 20 SPF in it-something that every girl needs in her face make-up.
I wear that along with:
Nars Bronzer in Laguna
Nars Blush in Orgasm
Laura Mercier Eye Primer 
(great for the foundation of eye shadows)
MAC Kohl Eyeliner 


Coffee Crash.

Lately, I've been getting into the groove of running.
I can't say I adore it, but I know it helps and I'm  hoping to do a 5k pretty soon here.
For the past few years, I've done the Race for a Cure and will be doing it again this year!
Anyways, as I write this I've already been up for about four hours.
I was driving to my internship with a few minutes to kill and about to nod off to sleep when I spotted heaven.
Okay, it was a Heine Brothers drive-thru but at 9:00 a.m. you mistake them.
Anyways, grabbed a five dollar Iced Mocha..... and off I went.
But as I sit here sipping my lunch- literally- a smoothie 
I'm thinking about a health kick I'm about to embark on.
I need to eat healthier.
Heck, after going out to eat last night and seeing all the fellow eaters I decided that most of America
needs to eat healthier. 
To begin, I'm swapping out my daily Diet Coke for water or the occasional Arnold Palmer (my weakness)
And ditching the desserts (okay, maybe a little tiny bit)
I discovered Healthy Choice Steamers yesterday and fell in love.
They are so delish.
Go get cho self some.
You will not be sorry.
As I type this, my MacBook is also dying.
Yes, dying.
Due to the fact that it will no longer charge.
'Scuse me MACBOOK- Yous are not even a year old. 
So I'm trudging over to the mall circa 3:45 for my Genius Bar Appt.
I am one sad puppy.
But on the bright side- I get to nanny today to see my wittle munkins 
and getting my hair did tomorrow.
Hint: Blonde
Sorry for the novel- I'm feeling chatty.


Okay, so this summer I want to be a runner.
I know that sounds really lame but I have seriously gotten out of my routine.
In high school, I literally ran all the time thanks to field hockey year-round and lacrosse.
We were told that in a normal field hockey game- one usually runs about 8 miles.
I can barely handle two.
This is not.good.
Therefore, I am transforming myself into a runner whether my body likes it or not.
And to motivate myself- I bought a shirt.
Not just a shirt, an awesome work-out shirt from Gap with cute straps in the back
seen here:
I ran some in college but I want to do this on a regular basis.
I ran last night for 20 minutes...due to the fact that it was about 15 minutes after I had eaten my huge dinner.
Bad idea.
Anyways, I'm going running with a friend tonight and I can promise everyone that it will in fact be longer than 20 minutes.
I'm starting slow but going to build up and I can't wait to see where I am at the end of this summer.

The 'It' Purse

Hello all!
I hope everyone is staying out of this nazzztaayyy heat.
It's ridiculous here- I lasted about 15 minutes outside with my sweet kids I nanny.
Anyways, I purchased the new 'it' bag that all bloggers are lusting over. (The medium size)
I love them and I'm so excited to get mine.
They just added new colors so go fast.
I bought the lemon and I can't wait to see it in person. 
Also, sign up for the American Apparel mailing list and get 15% off your purchase.
Yes please!
To get your own 'pouch purse' click here.

Hilton Head.

I love Hilton Head
I have been there three times in the past few years and it couldn't have been better.
I prefer it over Florida- it just has a less-commercialized setting and a more 'family-friendly' atmosphere.
Here are a few pictures from the fab. trip:


Book Clubbin'.

As part of my 'summer reading plan', I decided to read Saving CeeCee Honeycutt.
It was fabulous! I loved it.
Needless to say, it was not a hard read and did not evoke higher thinking but it was such a fun beach read- which is exactly where I finished it!
It is about little CeeCee, struggling to get by in Ohio with her crazy mother and her not-there dad. Her mother dies and CeeCee is left to go live with her Great-Aunt Tootie in Savannah.
This book has southern charm- which I can never have enough of.
If you want a fun, easy pool/beach/summer read- dive into this book!

p.s. sorry that I have been MIA this past week with posts- I was in Hilton Head!