Bright Hues.

I have been needing wanting coral nail polish
so Hannah and I decided to run to Ulta
here's what we ended up with:
Tart Deco

They are more bright but my camera and the awesome dorm lighting just can't quite capture it.
Anyways- I'm having a blog sale...with one item
It's brand new, still with tags 
JCrew Original Price $79.50
Selling for $30
Size 4
Let me know at
if interested.

The color is Pale Cinnabar and a little darker than the photos

Wedge into Spring.

Wedges are all the rage right now
I ordered myself a pair
that still won't arrive until June
I'm so bitter at you Urban Outfitters...
but here's some more pairs that I love:

Wedges look great with skirts, shorts, dresses, skinny jeans 
and my new favorite- flair jeans. 
I bought a pair for cheapy cheapy ($18 bucks) at Forever 21
and have gotten so many compliments on them.
"Are those Sevens?"
yes no they are not.
But thanks for saying that ha. 
Oh, and I'm still cheering on my Wildcats
by sporting some blue on my nails.
Too bad I don't have a white pen to write UK on them...
Just kidding.
I'm so ready to go to a sports bar, grab some wings and watch the game.
Am I a man?
Off to do the dreaded homework. 
Why is that necessary?


Kitty Kats.

All we do is WIN, WIN, WIN.
greeting the CATS at the airport in Lexvegas.

Final Four.

The title says it all.
My Kentucky Wildcats are headed to the Final Four in Houston, TX.
I am so proud. 
Screaming at the television.
The underdogs win again.
To celebrate- I bought a skirt.
Because that's normal right?
Well JCrew Factory is on this weekend
and I couldn't pass up this precious skirt
I bought this in the Pale Cinnabar color
which I couldn't find online
but it's a pale redish/pink
Not ready for the week. I enjoy the weekends...


Elite Eight.

Kentucky Wildcats
My team.
Being the Number 4 seed and a team consisting of a dozen freshmen
It's kind of a big deal that we beat Number 1 seeded Ohio State
My dad went to Ohio State
and was still religiously cheering for the CATS.
With the last minute shot- it was a beautiful sight.
I was screaming.
Hootie Hoo.
Even the UK boys know what sorority to cheer for. ha
Also, my rooms showed me these today...
I'm sorry but what?
Those can't be real life.
I'm making those ASAP.
If you want the recipe head on over here.
Also- little challenge...
I know ya'll are reading my blog because I can see the statistics
and they make me oh so happy BUT could ya'll be followers?!
It's simple.
Just look to the right of my page and click the follow button.
And to celebrate the sweet victory, here's a little quote about my home state.

"Kentucky. Where the tea is sweet & accents are sweeter, summer starts in April, front porches are wide & words are long, macaroni & cheese is a vegetable, pecan pie is a staple, y'all is a proper pronoun, chicken is fried, & biscuits come with gravy, everything is darling & someone is always getting their heart blessed. And their basketball is taken seriously."

Spring has Sprung.

It is warmer here than Destin
Is that normal?
Well, either way- I love it!
I'm bringing out the cute sandals, bright colors and shorts
Yesterday, I had an interview with Anthropologie 
For those of you who don't read my blog-- I love me some Anthro.
I so wish we had one in Louisville.
And I will keep ya'll updated!
Tonight- I have to blog over here for journalism class
I can't say I enjoy it as much as spilling my heart out and rambling on here.
But- it's a grade anddd I've got to. 
Off to sociology class- I just took a little power nap 



I survived today.
This is a great feat by the way- spanish midterm done
During these past few days I have been mourning the loss of a best friend
Spring Break 2011
better known as sbleven
Here's what I have survived on to better improve my mood-

Healthy and Nutritious.
But really- they've been lifesavers.
Oh and maybe a few of these thrown in the really bad moments of my depression
I can't seem to break this slump- all I want to do is lay out and veg on the beach
Is this too much to ask?!
Nevertheless- it's wednesday and that's always a good sign
half the week is o-v-e-r.
I have an interview with Anthropologie in about an hour so I gotta go throw on some Anthro
and high tail it to the Summit.



contrary to popular belief- I have not disappeared. 
I apologize!
My sweet sweet week spent in Destin ended too soon
and I feel as if I'm still on SB2011. 
Where did the beach go?
Literally- best week. ever.
I want to go back.
The sun was beautiful.
The beach was beautiful.
The boys were beautiful. 
It was great.
Now here I am, in my dorm, studying for my spanish midterm tomorrow.
That's gross.
Ya'll- I can't handle this work. 
Tomorrow I'll have a legit update- but now I have to hit my head against my book.


Hello from the Beach
I love Destin.
It's beautiful here
here are some pictures
I am SO sad to be leaving Saturday.
I'm not ready for school.

with love, from Destin.


about to leave for the beach
I have a feeling this will be everyones' anthem down in Destin



Hello there.
I woke up an hour before my alarm today
which is gross
and couldn't go back to sleep
so here I am 
check out what my phone says the weather will be in Destin
that's some high quality
but if you squint you can make it out ha
basically- I don't see any 70's on there
now, it could change but as of now I'm one sad girl
I have to pack for warm/cold and it's not going to be pretty!
Oh little FYI I had some extra time to kill before my nail appt. yesterday so I stopped in Starbucks
and tried their new drink
Cocoa Cappuccino.
If you don't like foam/espresso/hot chocolate 
then don't get it
but it was delish
and if March 10-12th- if you buy any drink you get one of their new sweet treats 
for free!
I would get one of their cute little cake pops
off to get ready for the day



I know I won't have time to blog tomorrow-
class, errands, mani/pedi, packing, laundry, homework and movie premier
busy day. 
so here's a little update
Dad got me a present for my birthday
and this is what I received
Echo Smart Pen
grab your own here
Don't laugh
It's legit.
records my lectures
and my notes 
and allows me to back up all my notes that I write and flip through them easily.
so the nerd in me rejoices for this little trinket 
and my college years will thank me.


Spring it On.

Today in Birmingham it did not feel like spring
raining. dreary. cold.
but I went online and did some shopping
to get me in the mood for spring
going to one of my favorite stores 
here's what I ordered:
A lightweight T in the perfect rose color to brighten up my wardrobe
Canvas Wedges in a Neutral color
Neutral/Blush/Nude is in.
Sadly, these puppies were back-ordered until June 13
but hopefully will come in earlier than that because I'm dying to wear them!
Today, Urban is having a FREE SHIPPING coupon code
just type in *springiton* at checkout
a great deal considering shipping is normally 10 bucks.
happy shopping!



exciting title right?
the week before Spring Break
aka "slacker week"
I really don't have a lot to do in my classes
at all.
But my to-do list seems to be forever long
Okay, fine...
mani/pedi may or may not be on it
but it still has to be done
not to mention spray tan
yeah, I said it... spray tan.
I like spray tans- I've gotten them since I was in 6th grade and my love for them grows
First, it was the Mystic Tan.
Oh my. I was peeling. It was orange. Florida was on my chest. I looked like I had just come out of 
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
cute right?!
Next, the Versa Spa
Finally-  a good machine spray tan. It wasn't orange and I could run in and out 
and ta-da BRONZED.
Finally, I realized that spas had a spray tan package
so- stripping down to my bikini I had some rando lady spray me in a room covered with towels
It was the life.
Now here I am- ready for Destin- not wanting skin cancer... spray tan it is!
and a free one at that.
college kids like the word 'free'
first visit to this place in Bham is free...kool beanz.
I'm off to study for my spanish vocab quiz


Hello There.

Promise I'm still alive-- 
I've been home this weekend.
so so good.
I have had so much fun
still celebrating my birthday!
I got to see my sweet family
and my new sister-in-law
and Ashley, Laina and Emma
girls, you have no idea how much I've missed ya!
I'm dreading going back
and doing school- SPRING BREAK 2011 so soon.
I'm looking forward to this:
Destin, Florida
I am ready. for. you.
And I'll be wearing this:
Weather- you better be good.
or else.
Ya'll want to read what I've been writing for JMC class?
sure ya do
click here!


Spring Colors.

Nail Polish.
it changes outfits.
'a woman should always take care of her nails'
welllll- I have two new friends.

If you have never used Chanel nail polish.
I highly recommend shelling out the 25 bucks.
I know you're probably laughing at me right now
But I don't care.
My nails look awesome right now
and it stays on forever.
Can you tell I'm excited?!


Change of Address.

Just a heads up to my blog readers
The address is CHANGING.
instead of
it will now be:
**this is changing TOMORROW**

to go along with the new and improved title.
I think it's kind of catchy.
and I am from the Bluegrass aka Louisville, KY
southern and all.


New to the Family.

I love sunglasses.
Those are my guilty please. 
I would drop money on sunglasses easily.
I have to refrain myself.
I probably have at least 20 pairs at home.
But just a few years ago I decided to just spend money on those quality brands.
Well, my 19th birthday was on Friday
and these puppies were waiting in the mail.
I can't be more excited about my new gift. 
Welcome to the family.
I love you already.