The Day After Christmas.

Christmas came and went in a blur.
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It all happened so fast and part of it did not even feel like Christmas 
with the 50 degree weather.
Normally, we have a white Christmas here in Louisville.
Santa did good this year and I received so many owl gifts.
I guess a Chi Omega can never have too many owls.
Today, mother and I went shopping to check out the sales and braced ourselves for the mall.
It was not near as crowded as we expected.
I grabbed some goodies.
I will post later on some of my favorites from Christmas since boyfriend is not coming until Wednesday.
If I were you, I would take full advantage of those great after-Christmas sales!


For anyone that reads this blog, you know that I really enjoyed reading the Hunger Games trilogy.
It was amazing.
The adventure, friendship and just the plot was well written.
It captivated me the entire time- I could not put it down.
Well, as many of you may know- the movie is in the works.
Taylor Swift just recorded a song for the soundtrack with the Civil Wars.
The Civil Wars are incredible- I saw them at Samford when I went there.
Here's the song for those that are interested:
It has a dark tone to it, but I could not stop listening.

More Gap Finds.

I ran into Gap today to find my mother's Christmas gift.
Well, they were having a 40% off already marked sale items 
plus another 15% off with your Gap card.
Yes please.
I purchased these two items:

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Obviously I like my metallics. 
Go check out the fab. sales for yourself...and family and friends.

Colors of the Rainbow.

This weekend I have been Christmas shopping like crazy.
While doing so, I have also picked up a few things for myself.
I know, not really supposed to do that- I can't help it sometimes!
In Ulta, this nail polish caught my eye- it's perfect for the holidays
especially New Year's!
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OPI Rainbow Connections part of the Muppet Collection...
Yeah, Muppets. Oh well it's cute.
Run and grab this you all. You will not regret it.
So festive!

My Life Lately via Instagram

The title explains this post.
I have been MIA for a while now and I am ready to start posting frequently
especially since I will be home for almost two months!
Here are some recent snapshots:
My cousin's precious puppy over Thanksgiving
During the stressful finals week, I baked some crescent rolls filled with cinnamon and chocolate
One thing about being home is amazing coffee at the Anchorage Cafe.
Anchorage Trail- try it.
A sleepover and visit to one of my best friend's houses from college.
Hot chocolate was a highlight.
My boyfriend and me at his fraternity formal.
New sparkles.

Christmas Shopping.

Lately, my days have been filled with working at a local boutique,
buying goodies for my family/friends and baking various treats.
When shopping, sometimes I can't help browsing for myself.
While in Gap with Heather, I spotted this sweater and had to buy it.
It was almost half off and adorable.
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Crash and Burn.

Please do not hate me for being MIA lately.
My hard drive crashed and living in a small town like Jackson.
There's no Apple store right around the corner.
Luckily, I was going to my boyfriend's fraternity formal in Nashville that weekend
so we had to make an unexpected visit to the Apple store for some fixing.
Needless to say, I love having my Macbook back but I lost everything...e-v-er-ythin-gggg.
I now have an external hard drive to prevent this from happening again.
PTL for Apple Care!
I just finished my finals and I earned a 4.0 this semester.
That's right.
I worked hard and kept my sanity by eating these:
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Boyfriend knows what I like.
Anyways, I am just glad to be home, in my own bed and catching up on my shows:
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Revenge is amazing.
Go. Watch. Enjoy.