I'm back, back again.
(Shout out to Slim Shady wherever you are)
Big thanks to Stephanie and Nicole for doing their guest posts.
If you don't follow them, you should. 
Because their blogs rock and they can do cool collages with cute fonts that I obviously haven't gotten the hang of yet.
So there's that...
And well, I'm back from Rosemary Beach.
Ya'll it was a dream.
I loved getting out of Destin -- even though we went there every night to visit friends.
Here's some snapshots from my vacayyy.
{Us...and the American Flag... at the Red Bar.}
{Dinner at Great Southern.}
Another yummmy meal.
{All the ladies minus one}
{Sunshine and monograms}
{Donut Truck Mornings}
{Our adorable house}
{We love Chi Omega and Seaside}
Just for a nice little laugh.
Three of us, trying to get on each others' backs...
Notice Emily's face in the background.
Too good....
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Guest Post::The Midwest Prep

Hello! I'm Stephanie from the Midwest Prep. I'm very excited to be guest blogging on Mckenzie's blog today. I was so honored that she asked me to! She is so adorable and so is her blog. :)

Seeing as Mckenzie is currently enjoying her spring break, I thought I'd talk a little bit about what I'm excited to wear this spring. Although spring has officially sprung, the weather up in the midwest has yet to show any signs of warm weather. So instead, I'll be dreaming of all spring has to offer.

Peplum: This is by no means a new trend. It's been around for about the past year but I think it'll play an important roll this spring and into summer. The peplum tank is extremely versatile and can be dressed up or worn out for a night with friends. Plus it's flattering on everyone! It's can be found at J.Crew or Forever 21 for a more affordable price. :)
Gingham: Nothing beats a bright gingham shirt to celebrate spring. There are fun colors from light blue, to pink, to even a neon yellow (yes I own this color!). Gingham is becoming one of my favorite "prints" and can often be worn year round too. :)

Chinos: I am so beyond excited to break out my chino shorts this spring and summer. They may be the comfiest shorts I own. I also can't wait to add to my collection with some of these adorable finds. J.Crew, you've done it again. ;)

Thanks again Mckenzie for having me! Make sure to go follow my blog, twitter + instagram

What are you excited to wear this spring?

Guest Post::Sweet Tea & Sunday Mornings

Hey y'all. I'm Nicole & I blog over at http://sweetteaandsundaymornings.blogspot.com

I'm so excited Mckenzie asked me to guest post because we are basically the same person.
{She is a girl after my own heart.}

Since our favorite gal is headed to soak up some serious rays i'm telling y'all about some...

1)Sunhat  2)Beach bag  3)Beach read  4)Bathing suits  5)Plain Tunic to throw on over your suit  6)Baseball hat   7)Tanning oil  8)Maxi dress to go out to dinner in  9)Your favorite sandal  10)Your sunnies

& we can't forget Luke and the PERFECT spring break music...

Good lord, he's perfect. 

Things to leave at home: 
-Your planner/homework/all things school or work related.

Have fun, sweet girl!


Throwback Thursday

I'm sorry but this link-up was too good to pass up...
Everyone loves a good throwback.
So thanks Ady, Julia and Jennifer.
Here goes...
Ya'll remember this? 
Ya'll better. These people were my.favorite.
What happened JT and Brit?!
Also....his turtleneck.
So many things are wrong about this picture.
I didn't know they made denim suits but now I do.
Young and in love.
I mean come on.
Justin ditched the turtleneck for a Bono look.
My 90s childhood centered around these people.
Well, and this.
That was my jam. 
My jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
I had no idea what they were singing about.
It doesn't even matter.
That and Nobody's Angel.
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Just Because...it's a Tuesday.

Click that link ya'll and follow me on Bloglovin because Google Reader is going away. 
Sad face.
I'm linking up with Lisette and Caitlin
Happy Tuesday, ya'll Tuesdays may potentially be worse than Mondays.
It's such a tease. It's not hump day. It's not Thursday (so close to the weekend)
Oh well, either way I've been gearing up for Spring Break (our is so late!) 
and I have purchased some goodies and thought I would share with ya'll.
{new VS suit}
I'm obsessed with mint right now and this bikini is the perfect color for summer.
Cannot wait to wear at the beach so stinkin' soon.
via google
{jack rogers}
I finally purchased a pair of Jack Rogers and am excited to see how they work!
I've heard only good things. 
{Alex and Ani bangle}
I was gifted this yesterday and am already in love.
I had been wanting one for so long.
{new spring Essie :: Madison Ave-hue}

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Better Late than Never.

Hey ya'll I'm linking up over at Pearls & Curls
Pearls and Curls

{new spring break essentials}
{studying + late night snack}
{Chick Fil A dinner date with my Chi O sisters}
{sweet surprises from a sweet friend}
{grilling out and pretending it's summer with some sisters}
 {quick low-quality mirror pic before class}
{my best friend ... as the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland}
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Just because .... I have to say something about it.
Thanks Lisette and Catalyn!
I am the world's worst when it comes to dealing with stress.
I just keep it bottled up and then all of a sudden I'm a crazy person eating four cupcakes and crying.
Seriously, my life.
I don't know why I get so stressed but I do.
Well, maybe I know why.
College stresses me out people -- to no end.
I'm waaaay too overcommitted and need to reconsider my priorities for my senior year.
Anyway, I'm here to talk about ways to de-stress, and maybe take some of my own advice.
{working out}
Running clears my head.
I put on my music and run.
No thinking required or allowed -- and I feel literally so much better afterward. 
But, the hardest part of the gym is actually getting there.
I have to schedule it in my planner ... whatever.
{study breaks}
I'm allll about a break or nine.
A person cannot focus forever, especially while staring at a computer screen.
I think it's important to get up, walk around and maybe browse a few of your favorite sites ... Pinterest anyone?
{long shower/bath}
Sweet geez I love love love taking baths.
I light a candle and just let my mind relax. 
I immediately feel a million times better.
{paint your nails}
I just feel better when I have my nails painted--more put together.
Anyone else?
I like to take a quick study break and grab some Essie polish.
{Starbucks run}
I feel more productive with a cup of coffee in my hand.
Does that even make sense?
Who cares ... because I am addicted to the Hazelnut Macchiato and I don't care who knows it.
{How do ya'll de-stress?}
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My Life is ... Boring.

Hey hey heyyyy.
I'm linking up with Sami over at Sami's Shenanigans for 

That's right.
You get to hear allllll about my weekend.
Lucky you.
Well, I'll keep this brief because basically ... my life is sad.
Okay. No. Rewind. It's not sad it's just crazy.
Whoever said college was all laughs, and hugs and kicks and giggles was a liar.
A big, fat liar.
Now that that's off my chest...
I had to babysit in the afternoon. The weather was beautiful and it was my little Milly's birthday party at the skating rink.
After, I ran back to get changed and had dinner with some girl friends.
Then I had dance. Don't ask. I'll explain later.
And watched a nice episode of Once Upon a Time in my bed and was ouuuut.
Lunch with friends at a cute, local restaurant and ate too many rolls + strawberry butter
strawberry butter people.
Dance round two.
And MEMPHIS for a shopping date with four of my best friends.
I bought nothing.
Minus a Starbucks drink and some Muddy's cupcakes.
Awwww yeah. Muddy's.
Morgs and I after devouring some cupcakes seen below.
Nom ya'll. 
And now, because I'm a college student and I need one always.
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{insta it}

Today I'm linking up with Sara Elizabeth over at Pearls & Curls for the {instagram} Saturday recap
So here goes:
Pearls and Curls
My 21st Birthday Cake!
(Yeah, I know this isn't Twitter but it's my blog and I can hashtag if I want)
A little Transformation Tuesday anyone?
I became ... less awesome.
Just hanging out in the sorority house with my new polka dot jeans.
My besties made me a HOMEMADE COOKIE CAKE.
Cue the chorus of angels.
These two are the best and I swear ... I ate almost that entire thing.
I told my roommates not to look at it, touch it, eat it, smell it.
All mine.
And this ... my hilarious friend Kathleen went through various shades of color this week starting with all black on Monday.
Well ladies and gents ... she got to cream/white by Friday.
Well done Kath ... well done.

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