My Life is ... Boring.

Hey hey heyyyy.
I'm linking up with Sami over at Sami's Shenanigans for 

That's right.
You get to hear allllll about my weekend.
Lucky you.
Well, I'll keep this brief because basically ... my life is sad.
Okay. No. Rewind. It's not sad it's just crazy.
Whoever said college was all laughs, and hugs and kicks and giggles was a liar.
A big, fat liar.
Now that that's off my chest...
I had to babysit in the afternoon. The weather was beautiful and it was my little Milly's birthday party at the skating rink.
After, I ran back to get changed and had dinner with some girl friends.
Then I had dance. Don't ask. I'll explain later.
And watched a nice episode of Once Upon a Time in my bed and was ouuuut.
Lunch with friends at a cute, local restaurant and ate too many rolls + strawberry butter
strawberry butter people.
Dance round two.
And MEMPHIS for a shopping date with four of my best friends.
I bought nothing.
Minus a Starbucks drink and some Muddy's cupcakes.
Awwww yeah. Muddy's.
Morgs and I after devouring some cupcakes seen below.
Nom ya'll. 
And now, because I'm a college student and I need one always.
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  1. those cupcakes look delicious! & I think I need a nap now too haha. new follower from the link up :)

    1. They were SO good -- if you're ever in Memphis, grab some! Thanks for following! XO