Derby Date.

Last night, Chi O had our Derby Date party
It was like a little taste of home. 
I miss Louisville more and more everyday- never thought I would say that.
Anyways, we went to the Flower Stem which is a flower shop in downtown Birmingham
with an awesome loft above it. 
It was the perfect space.
We danced the night away to a band, lots of pretzeling and twisting.
Here are a few snapshots of the night.
My date Mason
Soph and I had the same shoes!
I love this
Group Shot
Chi Omega
My Marley Lilly Monogram hat was perfect for the night!


As many of you know- tornadoes hit Alabama hard last night - as well as other parts of the country
It was classified as an F5 (two miles wide) and so far there have been around 128 deaths.
Tuscaloosa was hit the hardest
but Birmingham suffered damage as well.
Samford was five miles away from the tornado.
I thank the good Lord we were all okay.
I know He had his hand on us.
My prayers go out to my friends in ttown and the families of those that are injured, out of homes, or dead.
Please watch this video....


I can't get enough of country music right now.
It just puts me in a good mood. There's nothing like rolling down the windows while driving 
and turning up the country music loud.
Okay, maybe that is a result from living in Alabama but I would dare to say it cures stressful homework blues.
Try it sometime, but I would suggest this song.



I can already taste it.
After this lovely weekend at home (minus the horrible weather) I am so ready for school to be over.
The only thing getting me through this is the fact I can sport my summer gear here in Birmingham.
It's so warm and I can't get over it.
I'm talking to my sweet friend Heather right now about just getting out and being home and relaxing.
I can't wait!
I want to share what I got for Easter that I'm so excited about.

The Nook!
I hope I made the right choice over the Kindle- I've heard only good things
and I got this precious Kate Spade cover to go over it
"She kept her nose in a book- and her head in the clouds"
I am ready to download some books and dive in- I have a feeling this will be my best friend this summer
If any of ya'll have Nooks- let me know what you think.


This weekend has already been wonderful and I still have two days left!
Today, I went shopping with Mom.
We had quite the successful trip full of lace shirts, fedoras, bracelets, cardigans and shoes.
Here's a peak at a few of the goodies I got:
Gap City Flats (so comfortable) 

I bought the one on the left from Forever 21. 
Love the navy and red combo.

Ann Taylor Loft
Adore these new sandals.
Tonight, I spent time with the family and we had a fabulous Easter dinner.
I am so loving being home and eating food not from the Caf.
It's a great feeling.
Now I'm watching Burlesque and about to drift off to sleep.

Friends Forever.

I honestly can't tell you all how much I adore my friends from high school.
We have been through so much- break-ups, drama, fights, laughs, sleep overs, finals, graduation, prom and so much more.
I can tell these girls anything.
The Lord has blessed me so much- and we still keep in touch.
I cherish these times when I get to come home and we all reunite.
Even though we are in four different states, we keep in touch and stay up to date on our lives
Tonight, we went to Emma's and had a blast
She made us dinner- way better than the Caf :)
DELISH homemade Mac & Cheese courtesy of Chef Emma
Why haven't I had this before tonight?!
Heather & I 
Chi Omega sistas!
Homemade Dessert by Em as well.

Mild Weather.

I can't tell you how great it feels to be home. 
I didn't know I could miss Louisville so much!
Since I have been home- I've gotten to see my precious nephew play some baseball
and my sweet niece too! 
I went out to dinner at my fav. place-  Village Anchor
Today, I'm gearing up for the mild weather here since I was freezing my tail off at the baseball game
Birmingham weather is just too warm sometimes and now that's what I'm used to!
Here's a preview of what I will be wearing today:


J Crew v neck cardigan
$40 -

Steve madden boot
$100 -

Earth Day.

Okay, that's the wrong date but oh well!
Nonetheless- it's Earth Day here at Samford U.
And for my Cultural Perspectives class we had to do a project
so we potted some flowers and wrote quotes about 'nature' on them.
special right?
Today is a great day because I'm flying home soon.
I just have to survive my sociology test.
But there's free baby bites in Ben Brown.
Those are the best best best mini petite fours.
If you go to Samford U- go now. 
Off to study and take the test!


Despite the nasty weather outside, it has been a fabulous day already.
Again- I love starting off my day with a little devotional. My days just feel off now when I do not.
I encourage you all to invest in a Jesus Calling book. I cannot say enough great things about that book.
I always seem to read things I needed to hear.
Later this morning, I received an e-mail regarding an internship I had been hoping for...
and I got it! I'm so excited to be working with a local sports magazine in Louisville- doing some editorial work and photography on the side.
Lastly, Hannah suggested we try a new place out last night (since we always seem to go to our "regulars" for dessert) so we went to Doodle's
They have ices and sorbets-- which are kind of difficult to describe but amazingly delicious
We had first-timers issues and got the medium (whoops) but of course, devoured most of it.
Banana Fudge. try it. 
3238 Cahaba Heights Rd.
I hope you all are having great days despite the dreary weather.
I get to fly home tomorrow.
Now time to stop procrastinating and pack!

Blending In.

Every morning I stare at my closet for several minutes wondering what in the world I am going to wear 
(unless I have an 8 a.m. then I set it out the night before)
but usually-- there I am- staring at my closet with but a few minutes to spare before class begins
And there has been countless times that I wish I had just some nude shoes to turn to
That pair that goes fabulously with whatever I decide to throw on at the last minute
If you remember my past entries- I did order some nude wedges that have yet to show up.
So here I am, lusting for some neutral in my life and contemplating buying another pair.

Christian Louboutin peep toe shoes
689 EUR -

DV by Dolce Vita leather shoes
$60 -

Patent leather platform pumps
$30 -

Suede shoes
25 GBP -

Some Shade.

Fedoras are all the rage this season
and I am loving them.
They add some 'chic' to the outfit and make it look more put together.
So embrace your messy hair and instead of opting for a baseball cap
grab one of these precious hats.


Fedora hat
$32 -

Fedora hat
$175 -

Straw fedora
$29 -

Eugenia Kim fedora hat
$275 -


This weekend I went to Auburn.
I've never been there so I didn't know what to expect
It was like Samford but bigger ha
It was a gorgeous campus with quaint stores and restaurants scattered throughout.
I snapped a few photographs with my phone.

Toomer's Corner Drugstore
Famous Toomer's Lemonade (so good)
We were lost.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend full of relaxation and fun.


I'm about to go to bed and wake up early
but just a few thoughts are racing through my brain.
I hope everyone takes some time today as they read this
and thank God for another day and the beautiful lives you lead.
I can't tell you how blessed I am but oftentimes take it for granted.
The Lord is loving and forgiving and full of so much grace.
That's why I got my tattoo last summer.
'Hope in God'
I believe that there really is hope in God.
I am banking my life on it.
The fact that a God so big loves us- whose lives are nothing more than a vapor-
it's thrilling.
I thank God for each of you reading this blog.
The Lord guides our lives...and that makes my heart content.

Good Day.

In high school, my friend Laina and I would always rank our days.
We had good days, we had bad days, and there there were the "days"
It's just a day.
Well, today was not just a day. 
Not only did I skip sociology class to babysit whoops.
I also made $50 cash for being there for less than three hours.
The children were literally precious. 
But I believe that good days are the Lord's (well, everyday is the Lord's)
but starting off with some 'God time' always puts me in a better mood
and puts things into perspective.
I cannot control my day.
This is how I started my morning.
And now I'm off to study for my Spanish vocab quiz tomorrow.
No bueno.


"The more you spend, the more you make."
-Chelsea Handler

Lilly Loves.

I'm so ready for summer.
Give me a good book, the pool, huge straw hat and a fruity drink 
and I'm good to go.
Just being in my hometown will be more than fabulous.
Well, I'm loving Lilly's shorts for the spring/summer
Think bright colors and fun prints (but I mean come on... it's Lilly)
Also- if you all are sorority girls like myself
Lilly Pulitzer is picking a new sorority to have their print made
If I could vote 200 times I would
All you need to do is go to Lilly Pulitzer on Facebook, like the page, go to the Greek Chic tab,
fill in your info. and ta da 
vote in.
I mean, I'm a little biased...but good luck to all.


Kate Spade.
chic, colorful, girly.
I am dying over the idiom bracelets
Cliques that will travel with us forever.
I love the sayings and how they are safely tucked within the inside of the bangle.

With phrases such as 'Hot to Trot' (pink)
and 'A Place in the Sun' (yellow)
and my favorite 'Take Heart' (red)
they add a pop of color to your outfit in a classic way.
and priced at $28 dollars- you can't really go wrong.

Class Act.

Class Outfit
Today was a beautiful day at Samford U.
The weather was fabulous.
This is a replica of my OOTD
Simple and comfortable for this hot, hot weather.

Chi O on Canvas.

Last night was our Semi-Formal at the Birmingham Art Museum
and it was amazing.
I want to go back please. 
My friend Caleb
My date
The Lord has blessed me so much with these girls.
The group.