I can already taste it.
After this lovely weekend at home (minus the horrible weather) I am so ready for school to be over.
The only thing getting me through this is the fact I can sport my summer gear here in Birmingham.
It's so warm and I can't get over it.
I'm talking to my sweet friend Heather right now about just getting out and being home and relaxing.
I can't wait!
I want to share what I got for Easter that I'm so excited about.

The Nook!
I hope I made the right choice over the Kindle- I've heard only good things
and I got this precious Kate Spade cover to go over it
"She kept her nose in a book- and her head in the clouds"
I am ready to download some books and dive in- I have a feeling this will be my best friend this summer
If any of ya'll have Nooks- let me know what you think.

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