Friends Forever.

I honestly can't tell you all how much I adore my friends from high school.
We have been through so much- break-ups, drama, fights, laughs, sleep overs, finals, graduation, prom and so much more.
I can tell these girls anything.
The Lord has blessed me so much- and we still keep in touch.
I cherish these times when I get to come home and we all reunite.
Even though we are in four different states, we keep in touch and stay up to date on our lives
Tonight, we went to Emma's and had a blast
She made us dinner- way better than the Caf :)
DELISH homemade Mac & Cheese courtesy of Chef Emma
Why haven't I had this before tonight?!
Heather & I 
Chi Omega sistas!
Homemade Dessert by Em as well.

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