Despite the nasty weather outside, it has been a fabulous day already.
Again- I love starting off my day with a little devotional. My days just feel off now when I do not.
I encourage you all to invest in a Jesus Calling book. I cannot say enough great things about that book.
I always seem to read things I needed to hear.
Later this morning, I received an e-mail regarding an internship I had been hoping for...
and I got it! I'm so excited to be working with a local sports magazine in Louisville- doing some editorial work and photography on the side.
Lastly, Hannah suggested we try a new place out last night (since we always seem to go to our "regulars" for dessert) so we went to Doodle's
They have ices and sorbets-- which are kind of difficult to describe but amazingly delicious
We had first-timers issues and got the medium (whoops) but of course, devoured most of it.
Banana Fudge. try it. 
3238 Cahaba Heights Rd.
I hope you all are having great days despite the dreary weather.
I get to fly home tomorrow.
Now time to stop procrastinating and pack!

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