They're Baaaack.

College life has been so insane lately.
I feel like if I don't write it my planner- I don't do it.
Basically, I'm pretty dang close to writing 'breathe' down.
Here are some updates:
Yes, thank you Easter season--
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Our room is Girl Scout cookie heaven....
Yes Please.

Dorm Room Snack Essentials.

Eating 'good' in college is hard.
Not only are you limited to meal plans (our caf. is bad)
You are lacking tons of cash moneys $$$ for going out.
I stock up on some essentials that I consistently have throughout the year
in my room to munch on.
I like to avoid the caf. on especially unhealthy nights...
Here are my top picks:
I love love love apples. 
Our caf. usually has some not so fresh choices so I buy a pack of these for snacking.

I am a popcorn addict and this stuff is amazing.
I feel better eating this than the stuff drenched in butter...
Craving chocolate like me?
I throw in a few m&ms....

I can get these at my local Costco and they are worth it.
Not so bad for you and amazing for a chocolate/dessert fix.

My Brita pitcher is a great money-saver.
Bottled water is so expensive and I go through it - I am a water lover. kcups. I also buy these in bulk at Costco.
Got to have my coffee every day.

A handful of these are a great energy booster + healthy snack!

I do not like milk at all and I need calcium (especially as a woman).
This is amazing- I usually get the Vanilla and it tastes great alone or with cereal!
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