2011, Get at Me.

Happy New Year's Eve!
this morning we woke up 
and went to the annual
Lynn's Paradise Cafe 
NYE breakfast in pajamas.
I've gone with Laina and her family for the past three years
and I love it!

good friends!
tonight will be a good night.
I'm excited to ring in the new year with my friends.
and just a fresh start in general.
that's what makes Dec. 31 so great
that, and the fact it's Laina's birthday!
yesterday, meghan and I went to get our nails done
and browsed the outdoor mall.
Sales Galore.
wandered into Express
and came out with this
I know, I need to stop shopping because spring is coming.
Buuut it was a deal =)
I hope everyone has a wonderful NYE.



a few of us went to see the new Reese Witherspoon movie
How Do You Know
let's just say it was the worst.
just. the. worst.
it felt so long.
2 and a half hours.
and the screen continued to move throughout the movie
and blacked out twice.
Tinseltown, you have outdone yourself.
thankfully, the staff handed us a gift as we ran filed out of the theatre
a free movie pass
expires May 1, 2011
so time to go to the movies before I go back to the Ham.
if anyone is thinking about going-- don't.
this is a warning.
I love Reese Witherspoon.
poor girl. it was one big strugglefest.
sorry, I had to vent.
I'm good now.
off to spend time with precious friends.


Fresh Start.

this morning I woke up rejuvenated.
I rolled out of bed reluctantly.
ate a quick bite and proceeded downstairs to work out.
then rewarded myself with a cookie=)
when you sweat that much... a reward is o.k.
looking back at 2010 I see a lot of weird, hard, strange things that happened
but also I see the Lord working in my life and the lives of those around me 
with some awesome awesome things.
through the tough times this year, even better things have come out of them.
buuttt what are my resolutions for 2011?

1. study. study. study.
see look, it's me (chi omega owl) studying- long shot
but really, the nerd in me is dying to prove myself in college.
2. work out more
with joining the lacrosse team and doing step sing 
hopefully this will become real life
most. generic. resolution. ever.
but doing the elliptical once or twice a week while watching Real Housewives is not cutting it.
that'll be me. HA.

3. travel somewhere new

4. organize my closet
this is a big one
anyone that knows me knows that my closet at college (and at home) is 
even with my smart hangers or whatever they are called
and I don't even wear half of it
I'm going to buy things that can be remixed
and get rid of the crap I won't use.
excuse me.

while these seem lame
they actually are.
no really they are lame
but I don't care!
and last but not least,
to seek after the Lord in all I do
especially in this crazy thing called college.
this is the biggest one.
and most rewarding one.
May the Lord provide many blessings to you all in the new year to come!



updating my blog at 1:54 am
I am nocturnal.
false, just watched the fifth Harry Potter
with two of my friends.
i love harry potter.
tonight, Ashley and I made the Southern Living Chocolate Gob Cookies
I posted earlier this week.
they are delish.
really, they look amazing and taste even better
Ashley can testify-- she ate a lot of the dough. 
take a look- excuse my iPhone photography, it's not as legit as the Southern Living picture.

miniature size.
look at the detail.
oh well.
at least they taste good. 
I should probably go to sleep.



okay, I hate to be like that girl.
I have 
okay, probably not THAT big of a deal.
don't rain on my parade.


Retail Therapy.

Today, I went shopping with one of my best friends
Heather Warren.
(the one I mentioned earlier with a new bloggy)
anyways, we hit the stores with a mission.
Not really... we were just chatting and in our own little world
but still, we tried.
We were having no luck.
and by no luck I mean we loved tons of stuff but it was out of our price range
or size XXXXL which happens to not fit either of us.
but at Banana Republic-- we struck gold.
sale plus 40% off.
mhm yes please.
so she found a precious ruffle shirt
while I purchased some new boyfriend cords.
the color choices were endless but ended up with khaki
want your own? [Here]
These will last fall-winter
I die.
and getting ready for New Years
Meghan and I are going to get our nails done...
picking out a color that will be good to ring in 2011.
and I found it. Burlesque OPI Collection. ahhh
I feel like these are all party perfect.
especially with the glitter.
find them [Here]
what better way to welcome in 2011?
I hope that this year brings new surprises.
off to browse the online stores for more sales.



yesterday, my boyfriend called me a "bakeaholic"
I am not sure if that's an actual real life name for something
or a term he just made up
but either way... I guess he's right.
I love. l-o-v-e. to bake.
I don't know why it's so much better than regular cooking.
Making cakes and pies is thrilling while casseroles bore me.
I looked on  urbandictionary.com.
Bakeaholic isn't defined yet.
Maybe I, the bakeaholic herself, should define its meaning.
I've been browsing the cookbooks and here's what I've been drooling over.
Oh, and by the way-- this is all from [Southern Living]
my favorite =)
Chunky Chocolate Gobs
okay, so they sound gross but LOOK at them.
these are from their "best cookies" section.
Chocolate Chunk Mocha Cookies
I know, again with the chocolate, but chocolate really is the best.
Cinnamon Pecan Rolls
you may suffer from overdose of sugar after eating these
but they look delish.
if you're like just about all my close friends and you hate nuts-- skip them.
make your own rules.
Pumpkin Bread Pudding
I die.
I love bread pudding and pumpkin
I can only image how this would taste-- and the prep doesn't look too difficult.
Turtle Cake
I highly doubt my presentation would look that perfect
but I can imagine it would taste just as good.
Sorry, are you all drooling yet?
I'll have many chances for my baking endeavors during my break off
Did I mention I don't go back until January 20th?
It's like music to my ears.
Until later,


Deal or No Deal.

shopping after the day after Thanksgiving...check.
shopping after the day after Christmas... check?
there are deals then too.
who knew?
just kidding...I am most likely clueless.
but I'd love to share my deals with you!
(I get excited)
this top is fierce.
perfect for a New Years Party 
which is what I plan to wear it to.
minus the denim bowtie?
I'm confused.
I just would never...
I needed another pair of jeggings
considering I live in my Sevens.
but real life.
those were my savvy purchases today.
I got some deals.
check it out for yourself.
off to spend time with one of my fabulous best friends 
Heather Warren.
who just started a blog
follow her at : http://everydayhmw.blogspot.com


Thank You.

Alright, drumroll please.
Here's the highlights of my Christmas.
Needless to say, I am so blessed to have a wonderful family!
I have a new boyfriend...His name is David Yurman. 
But my actual boyfriend gave me this...which I now live in.
boyfriend blazer...finally.
the black ones
I needed a pair of black boots
and it was hard to find some that were cute.
my best friend's mom got me these.
thank you so much.
I am in l-o-v-e with Aveda products
andddd how they smell.
as a Chi Omega I love owls
how stinkin' cute are these?
and amazingly comfortable.
thank you to my Secret Santa-- Laina.
you are a wonderful best friend!
these are precious to sip some tea out of.

Here are just some of the gifts that I love!
Although, I'm kind of eyeing the holiday Mike & Ikes...
Gracious. What a whirlwind this Christmas has been
anddddd my brother is getting married!
this is exciting news
I love weddings.
a lot.
White Christmas is on and it's a favorite of my family's.
so wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas
I hope it was full of laughter, family, food and fellowship
and looking back and remembering the true meaning of Christmas.
gifts are great--but the gift of our salvation is far worth the things of this world.
Merry Christmas

Baking, Baking, Baking

Can I just say how good it is to be home?
Real Good.
And with the Christmas parties & get-togethers
I've had to make a few things.
with Matt's help...kind of :)
so here's a peak at what was created:

Meghan & I made some funfetti Christmas mini cupcakes=)

Homemade Peppermint Marshmellows.
Thanks Martha Stewart-- these were legit.
Anddddd amazing in hot chocolate.
Like we had a few cups...

And last but not least...
Candy Apples for my family.
If you think these don't look delicious there is something wrong with you.
Justttt Kiddingggg.
But really-- I'm proud of myself to say the least.

I'm sure this won't be the last of my baking adventures this holiday season
I'm ready to try out some new recipes. 
The hustle & bustle of the Christmas season is obviously getting to me...
Considering my blog posts are embarrassingly slim.
But when it comes down to it
We need to remember the real reason for the Christmas season.

"So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told."
Luke 2: 16-20


the stores now are having some
great  deals.
online only.
usually only clothing on sale so it's even cheaper.
some of the sites include:
JCrew.com 30% off sale 
Anthropologie.com 25% off sale
UrbanOutfitters.com 10% off 
BananaRepublic.com 35% off regular price
go shopping now.
but really,
I've already done some damage.
I can't help it...
Merry Christmas to me!


Showin' Some Anthro Love.

okay now..
my favorite store of all time is having a sale
on sales.
and this is a big deal considering anthro never does this
these are just a few of the pieces i'm lusting over.
Merry Christmas to me!
$20 plus extra 25%
same as above
same as above! 
$70 25% off
$10 plus 25% off
okay, quick interjection
I bought the lion for an ADPi friend and it's PRECIOUS.
being a chi omega, i'm partial to the owls... 
buttttt it works.
and for less than $10 .. yes please.

sooo if anyone needs ideas for me for Christmas..
ha, joke. 
my list has become a bit too extensive.

'Tis the Season.

Finals are over.
Thank you Lord.
I am now home and ready to prepare for this Christmas season.
But hopefully I have enough time to do so.
Being home barely a week before leaves little time
Luckily, I went shopping a bit before leaving the Ham.
I've picked up these as clean, classic gifts to fill.

anddd fill them with these

My Philosophy:
you can never have too many mugs.
coffee sippers, tea lovers.
put water in it, I don't care
these are adorable gifts
and easy to do. 
DYI gifts are always cherished
because you took time to MAKE them.
time is literally of the essence during the holidays.
put a smile on your family member's faces and keep their stomachs full!




And that is why I have not updated...
Literally my life has been homework.
When will it end?
That's when
& I can drive home 
and be there for a month.
Maybe a legit update tomorrow for a study break.

Cheapy Cheapy.

Okay, so recently I have discovered that my recent shopping
ideals have been somewhat construed.
Quality over Quantity
is now ringing in my mind.
No more of those pointless $15 dollar shirts that I never where
but seem to have tons of in my closet.
It is wasted space.
Butttttt I have recently found some somewhat "designer" clothing that's cheap.
Okay, it's technically not designer at all.
Lauren Conrad and Miley Cyrus/Max Azria clothing.
Yes, Max Azria is legit.
No, Miley Cyrus never will be.
Here's what I've found so far.
Okay, this print is NOT cute. $12
But it comes in black and would be very adorable under a cute sweater.
Boyfriend Cardigan for $14?
Yes Please.
This comes in grey
and for $12 you really can't lose.
p.s. all shipping for clothing is 97 cents.
As for Lauren Conrad...
Comes in green $29.99
Comes in purple $29.99
Denim Leggings...Jeggings
Just a few ideas for those on a budget.
Especially around Christmas time.
So get out there and shop smart.
Time to work on my speech
and stop procrastinating.