Give Thanks.

I just got back from a wonderful break.
Why am I back at school?
Only two and a half weeks and I am back in Louisville
for a month.
That's right. I can hardly contain my excitement.
Spending quality time with family & friends was much needed.
I've decided to make a list of things to do while home for a month.
Yes, I love making lists.
I want to make this cake so badly.
Not only is it beautiful but I'm sure it is delicious.

I watch this every year around Christmas time.
It is a precious movie.
And Jude Law is easy on the eyes.

Off to pick up my rooms from the airport--she's been missed!
To be continued.

What To Give.

It's Better To Give Than Receive.
I honestly believe that.
I love the feeling I get when my gift is opened and the person
loves it.
But this year it's hard to think about what exactly to give.
It's the first year I'm away from my family and friends from back home
so we don't really chat about what we want.
I was brainstorming when I stumbled upon some pictures...
What about these?

How cute are those?
Especially with red and green bows tied to the top.
I could do it... I think.
We will see what happens.
I will be posting pictures of progress.
Packing must be done and of course the new 16 and Pregnant is on...
Yeah, I watch that.

Time Flies.

Almost time to return to Birmingham.
Then off to Mississippi for Thanksgiving Round Two. 
Anyways, I've been trying to find a good iPhone 4 case.
It's kind of impossible...until now.
Kate Spade has launched these precious cases.
Hint Hint to anyone searching for a Christmas gift =)

There's a few other cute prints as well.
Time to relax for one last night
pack, watch a movie and go to bed.
Until later...

p.s. college friends, I miss you already. legit.


Home Is Where The Heart Is.

Finally, I am home and so thankful for family & friends.
College is a blast, but Birmingham is far away.
What a fun almost six hour the dark.
Luckily, I only had to drive half of it.
The time here has flown.
Today, we had our Thanksgiving meal.
Yes, a couple days early but there's nothing wrong with that
when you have a big family.
There's so much I'm thankful for-- I never thought I'd miss Louisville, KY so much.
While here I was able to shop just a bit.
& picked up a watch I've been wanting...

This will go with pretty much anything 
and the 'boyfriend' look makes it much cuter.
And the other highlight so far of this trip was heading to the movies
with Laina and Chris and seeing...
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1
I was only freaking out the entire time. 

Not sure how I feel about this...
But I guess the filming is over and she's all grown up?
Either way-- HP proved to still be going strong.
Can't wait until July.

Until Later.

Part One.

drumroll please....

Midnight Premier.
Sadly, I won't be attending...
It's a school night and now I officially sound lame butttt really. 
Saturday night I am there. 
Classes are done for today Thank the Sweet Lord Jesus.
My Kentucky Home.
Good Gracious, I have missed you...
& I was thinking and of course missed a few Christmas items.
These would be good gifts for any fashionista.

Love her & chunky sweaters for this winter.

okay, these crack me up. 
Silly Bandz Marc Jacob style.
Not for me...maybe my niece.

What better than a cold winter day snuggled with one of these and a book?
& last but not least
the new episode comes on tonight.
trash tv? yes.
do I care? no.
Lauren and I will be on the elliptical and watching it intensely.
Two good things in one.
All for now-- back to studying.

Christmas List.

Instead of working on my six page paper...
Which is almost done by the way
I've spent my afternoon compiling all my dream items into one
Christmas List.

1. Year Subscription to Oprah Magazine

2. Tory Burch Flats

3. Boyfriend Blazer

4. David Yurman Ring

5. TOMs Shoes 
these are precious.

6. Teavana Tea

7. RayBan Clubmasters

8. Skinny Belts
(cute around sweaters)

9. Peace, Love, Juicy Perfume

But not only is this this season of gifts, but giving.
The best part of it is giving the people you love most something special.
We attempted to do Secret Santa
but it was a fail, so we will see what happens.
Back to the paper. 


I tend to start things and never finish them.
But this changes starting now.
College has brought all new ideas and life lessons 
that can be expressed through this blog.
Life, thoughts, friends, quotes, spiritual lessons and all will be shared.
First things first,
I am a freshman at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.
That's right... Magic City.
Not exactly magical, the traffic is awful but the shopping is fabulous.
Leaving my precious friends from high school was hard, but 
the friends made here have been a sweet blessing.
It's only fitting I mention my roommate.
She has a Classy book..and follows it.
And then there's my precious group of friends.
Not all of my girls are in these buuuut these are special memories.

Gifts from above-- every single one of them.
Marg keeps me laughing legit all the time.
Soph is the kindest person and hates UK basketball.
Soph F. is a woman who loves the Lord and others deeply.
Diane is always there and makes me smile.
Francis is classy. Literally. She is her own person and no one will change that.
Lauren of course is a wonderful roomie.
Julie is high energy and awesome. We share boyfriend stories. 
The list goes on... 

Homework is calling.

The Lord knew I would be far from home
but gave me these girls as family.