I tend to start things and never finish them.
But this changes starting now.
College has brought all new ideas and life lessons 
that can be expressed through this blog.
Life, thoughts, friends, quotes, spiritual lessons and all will be shared.
First things first,
I am a freshman at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.
That's right... Magic City.
Not exactly magical, the traffic is awful but the shopping is fabulous.
Leaving my precious friends from high school was hard, but 
the friends made here have been a sweet blessing.
It's only fitting I mention my roommate.
She has a Classy book..and follows it.
And then there's my precious group of friends.
Not all of my girls are in these buuuut these are special memories.

Gifts from above-- every single one of them.
Marg keeps me laughing legit all the time.
Soph is the kindest person and hates UK basketball.
Soph F. is a woman who loves the Lord and others deeply.
Diane is always there and makes me smile.
Francis is classy. Literally. She is her own person and no one will change that.
Lauren of course is a wonderful roomie.
Julie is high energy and awesome. We share boyfriend stories. 
The list goes on... 

Homework is calling.

The Lord knew I would be far from home
but gave me these girls as family.


  1. LOVE <3 such sweet words my dear!

  2. I'm glad you got pictures of you and your friends... it seems me and my roommates never got around to it until it was too late. :( You are beautiful!!