Day of Love.

One of my favorite holidays is right around the corner ...
And no, I'm not referring to my birthday (although I do love a good birthday)
I am talking about the day of red and pink, hearts, sugary sweets and LOVE.
That's right. Valentine's Day.
Now, you're reading this and either:
A. Rolling your eyes at me
B. Agreeing completely with my entirely mushy outlook on the whole man-made holiday
C. You could care less
Let's pretend like we all said 'B.' 
I'm allllll about some Valentine's Day.
I can't remember when I didn't love it.
Since the early days of elementary school, I have dressed in red and pink and given out Valentines.
But am I over the generic stuffed animal and roses.
What man even decided on a stuffed animal to give to his significant other?
It had to be a man, right? Because what woman wants a huge bear to snuggle with?
Okay, maybe someone does but nevertheless- I want something different.
And even if you don't have a significant other -- Hello Galentine's Day...
You can still treat yourself to something special.
So here's my list of what I would want:
A manicure
Sweet Treats

Retail Therapy
Netflix Marathon (that's me, everyday)
And I know I don't need to tell ya'll this but be reminded - you do NOT need to have a special someone in order to celebrate Valentine's Day to its full potential. 
Whether it's loving your boy, your friends or yourself -- each one is special.
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