Fall Denim.

I think I've become too addicted to leopard.
Because I purchased cheetah print jeans. 
Too much?
Rebecca Minkoff Beetle Juice Jeans.
(Not purchased because of the lovely Hillary Duff pictured here)
I didn't even know she still existed.
Anyways, we will see if I actually sport these around town.
I reallllly like them. 

New Nails.

It seems like lately, all the rage is one nail being different than the rest.
I immediately envisioned cheetah print for mine. 
A lot of bloggers opt for some glitter on the ring finger or pinky, but I'm all about the leopard love. 
So after getting a manicure, I took the polish off and applied the Sally Hansen nail stickers.
They really do stay on more than a week.
So far, I love this trend and can't wait to try it out with different looks. 
Sorry for the lack of posts- hope the last weeks of summer are glorious for everyone. 

Planning Ahead.

Every girl needs a planner for school or life in general.
At least that's my mantra. 
I love being organized (even though I fall short in that category sometimes)
and the best way for me to do that is to make a list...
I love lists. 
Everything just looks so much easier to accomplish if it's written down
and checking off things after completion- don't even get me started on that.
So I like searching for a good, good planner.
I was going to buy a designer planner which would cost me around $30 but I opted for a cheaper version
Vera Bradley.
Now a lot of people do not like V.Brad. and I'm not the biggest fan but her planners are great
and only $18.00
yes please
So I bought mine and I love it (I had one last year too)

Travel Chic.

I have been to the airport way too many times this summer.
I'm not even sure I can count but it has to be at least 10.
I've had flight after flight- traveling anywhere from LAX to ATL to Honolulu.
It's been an adventure, but traveling requires a few necessities as well to make the flight
as comfortable as possible.
After I saw these, I knew I had get one...

Let me present to you the Silk Luxury Minky Eye Mask
I have a hard time catching the Zzz's on a flight
but I think this might do the trick
It comes in all different colors (although I love the first one)
and I can't wait to try mine on!


When in Honolulu, fabulous stores were everywhere
It was ridiculous- I felt like I was on Rodeo Drive
Not that I'm complaining...
I stopped into the Sephora (and visited twice more)
and purchased a hair product that I've been wanting for about a month...
For me, I was very disappointed.
I have wavy hair (not super wavy) but this stuff did nothing
If anything it made it more flat
I would have rather just added some salt to water and spritzed it on.
It could be different for everyone!
And I just finished this book:
After watching the movie, "Something Borrowed"
(starring my fav. Kate Hudson)
I knew I had to read the follow-up.
I loved it.
It was an easy read, recommended for the beach or a boring plane flight.
Read. Read. Read.
Def. a chick book (but I mean- read the title)

Island Love

I just got back from Hawai'i today and I am dead tired.
I already took a nap today and I never take naps.
Here are a few lovelies I wanted to share with you from my island vacay.
View from Hotel #2
Sign at the local Farmer's Market filled with fresh popsicles and Kona coffee
Can't get enough Kona coffee
Pearl Harbor
Dole Pineapple Plantation
When in Hawaii...
Lava Flow
(strawberry+pina colada) yums
Rainbow I spotted during the helicopter ride
Poolside in Maui
Lobby in Maui
New blurry dress

Poolside Read

For those that don't know, I'm an historical buff
I absolutely can't get enough of history - especially American history.
I desperately needed something to read during my four hour lay-over in LAX, ventured into a store and came out with this baby.
I really did enjoy this novel- not only did it have cameos from President Lincoln and Clara Barton, 
but it was very historically accurate.
The Civil War was an interesting time in our country's life and this book kept me occupied!
I recommend it to anyone who thrives on historical knowledge like this nerd over here.


On my trip to Hawai'i, I was gifted with a Clarisonic Mia
To say I've been wanting this for awhile is an understatement.
And it's in my favorite color- leopard.
The sales person at Sephora warned me that the first two weeks would not be good for my skin 
(since there's so much under our skin we can't see)
but after those two weeks- ta da
new skin.
I'm counting down until those days are o-v-e-r 
and telling myself it will all be worth it in the end! 
No more hoping and wishing for this baby.
It does everything it says it will- my face feels fab. after one use.

Sunday Funday.

Here are a few pictures from today worth sharing:
Hawaiian Coconut Coffee aka addiction

I never do this (and look at the awk. pose)
but here it is!
Dragon Passionfruit FroYo from YogurtLand
with Boba in it.
What in the world is Boba?!
Well, it's kind of like gusher.
Different flavors, and they burst when you bite them. 

More Summer Reads.

Hello all!
I read this book yesterday on the plane and it was awesome.
After reading a review saying it was a lot like the Hunger Games (which I loved)
I couldn't help but read it!
The plot is similar to the Hunger Games but very different in other ways
(Both are about a post-America after a type of destruction)
Anyways, it was an easy read and entertaining.
Meanwhile, I read another book on the plane and I'm not even going to mention it.
It's not worth reading so do not worry about it. 
At least I laughed a few times.... 
Hope everyone has a great Saturday.


As ya'll know from my previous post- I am doing BioFeedback
(your body's energy waves and natural health solutions, etc.)
It's kind of complicated so if you're curious, look it up!
Anyways, I'm on a detox right now (Sulfur and Lymph Nodes) and it's going good so far
And I'm also taking a Kelp supplement as well
It's a great source of iodine (something our bodies really need)
This whole natural thing is so fascinating to me.
I find myself eating healthier, making smarter choices and just plain feeling better.
I had a viral infection recently and I didn't even go to the doctor.
I did a few natural methods (plus some Emergen-C) and I feel 100 percent better.
Disclosure: This is not a substitute for the doctor - it just makes the trips less frequent.
I suggest everyone look this up- it's amazing! 

A Few of my Favorite Things...

Whoa, sorry for the long break
This summer has been cruuhazzy busy.
I apologize!
I thought I'd share a few recent iPhone photos that display some of my fav. items
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade via Panera
A Pretty Pedicure
Red, White & Blue Desserts!
Country Concerts on the Water Front

My Boyfriend!
Awesome Fireworks.
I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!
We celebrated on the lake.
I will be updating more- promise.