As ya'll know from my previous post- I am doing BioFeedback
(your body's energy waves and natural health solutions, etc.)
It's kind of complicated so if you're curious, look it up!
Anyways, I'm on a detox right now (Sulfur and Lymph Nodes) and it's going good so far
And I'm also taking a Kelp supplement as well
It's a great source of iodine (something our bodies really need)
This whole natural thing is so fascinating to me.
I find myself eating healthier, making smarter choices and just plain feeling better.
I had a viral infection recently and I didn't even go to the doctor.
I did a few natural methods (plus some Emergen-C) and I feel 100 percent better.
Disclosure: This is not a substitute for the doctor - it just makes the trips less frequent.
I suggest everyone look this up- it's amazing! 

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