When in Honolulu, fabulous stores were everywhere
It was ridiculous- I felt like I was on Rodeo Drive
Not that I'm complaining...
I stopped into the Sephora (and visited twice more)
and purchased a hair product that I've been wanting for about a month...
For me, I was very disappointed.
I have wavy hair (not super wavy) but this stuff did nothing
If anything it made it more flat
I would have rather just added some salt to water and spritzed it on.
It could be different for everyone!
And I just finished this book:
After watching the movie, "Something Borrowed"
(starring my fav. Kate Hudson)
I knew I had to read the follow-up.
I loved it.
It was an easy read, recommended for the beach or a boring plane flight.
Read. Read. Read.
Def. a chick book (but I mean- read the title)

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