I love the lake and looove going to my lake house with my best girl friends.
The weather was perfect this Memorial Day weekend and we had so much fun
chatting, eating way too much junk food (or just food in general) and laying out on the boat.
I'm back home for a night, packing and then headed for Hilton Head tomorrow morning bright and early.
Here are some pictures from this weekend:
Chi O Sisters
Our Fav. Dessert
Lake Face!
Jet Skiing

Lust List.

Most people who know me know that I love sunglasses.
I probably have too many pairs but I do not care.
After searching through my favorite blogs, I've seen a certain brand pop up more than normal.
The new fad seems to be Karen Walker and I've picked out a pair that I would love to own.
Perfect Day sunglasses in Crazy Tort
They can be found here at for $180
Hint hint to anyone that wants to get me a gift just because ha

Sand Tropez.

I finally got some nude nail polish and I'm sad it took so long to get it.
I'm in love.
My BFF Han told me she picked up some Essie Sand Tropez and that I must try it considering I've been wanting to test out the neutral nail.
(We are Essie obsessed)
And now I want everyone to go and try it haha- it really is that great.
A perfect shade of neutral that doesn't make my hands look awful
Side note: I'm extremely pale and most light colors look horrible on these hands.
Get to painting!

Longest Day.

Went to bed at 1:30ish due to a good guy friend from college being in town
and bringing one of his friends along as well.
We went out for a night on the town
aka Sweet CeeCee's on Bardstown Road and stayed up chatting about
religion, reading and I can't think of another 'R' word.
Then woke up circa 7:00 am for the first day of my internship. 
It was great and I was done with my project around 3:00 pm.
Then rush home for a quick bite to eat and off to a friend's house for an hour
then I babysat for my sweet children that I've been nannying for and here I am
in my bed...finally.
Here are some pictures from last night/today.
Mason's first Sweet CeeCee's experience
Late night chats
Bah. A Sugar Glider. 
I die.
How adorable is this animal?!

Summer Food.

I love food.
This isn't a confession, it's a statement- and I think most people will agree with me
at least my friend group ha.
Anyways, summer brings about whole new cravings 
It's the weather, the sun, maybe too much sunscreen but I have seasonal cravings
SCD (seasonal cravings disorder)
Could this be real?
Possibly...see what I mean:

Most fruits are somehow even more delicious in the summertime 
Qdoba's Mango Salad is so yummy and I feel at least sort of healthy?
During the summer, Graeter's has Banana Chocolate Chip ice-cream- my favorite
Chicken Salad (Kroger has the best)
And of course- Trifle.
My friends and I love to make/eat this.
It's super easy and usually filled with blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, homemade whipped cream and angel food cake. 

Gretchen Scott.

At the boutique I work at, we just started selling Gretchen Scott
Apparently, it's all the rage to wear at some beach I can't remember the name of haha
I obviously won't be traveling there this summer
but I am lusting over her designs. 
I love the prints, colors and precious tunics/dresses- I just don't love the price tag
But I gave in and purchased a dress that reminded me of Lilly P.
I urge you to check out her site to see the rest of these adorable prints
I can't get enough...I can see why people have been snagging them up lately.


No, not Friday.
ha. I realized I hadn't posted since Wednesday- apologies.
This summer started gettin' a little crazy- between my new nanny job and hanging out with friends and family it's been fun and will only get better!
I've been so blessed to become a nanny this summer to two precious children.
Last night, I went to high school prom (the same high school I attended) ha.
Needless to say, I have def. graduated.
It was weird to see faces I had never even seen before
although I did get to see a few familiar that made me remember why I really did like my high school.
p.s. I'm lusting over Deborah Lippmann's polish color- Naked.
The perfect nude for spring/summer and obviously goes with everything.
Nude is huge this season and I can't think of a better way to incorporate neutral than by splashing some on my nails.

One Down...

In an earlier post, I told ya'll how I was determined to read a lot of books this summer.
Well, I started one and just couldn't put it down- literally.
I read the book in about two hours. 
This precious little boy had an experience that very few people in this world can understand.
He recounts his visit to Heaven- with detail.
The book is intriguing- I love hearing this child talk about what he saw and his dad (a pastor) match it word-for-word with Biblical passages.
It was impossible to put down- to hear about a place we can not even imagine!
I highly recommend this book- but don't read it before bed like I did- It caused me to stay up pretty late ha.

Cake Pops.

I don't really like cake- the whole put a slice on my plate thing is just not appealing
I'll eat it but it's just not my favorite
I much rather have a delightful cupcake
but the new dessert that is popping up is fabulous
Cake Pops.
I've made Cake Balls before and Cake Pops are just those on a stick.
Well, I was reading a magazine and look what I stumbled upon
A Cake Pop Maker!
JCPenney  has a Bella Cucina Cake Pop Maker on sale for $19.99
BabyCakes has one for $24.95
I am lusting after one of these- to make the process that much easier!
Hop on over to Bakerella- the woman who started the great fad.

The Hangover- Girl Style.

Today, I went to go see Bridesmaids.
I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard in a movie in my entire life
and I've seen some pretty funny movies.
Ya'll need to go see

It reminded me of The Hangover but with a group of ladies
It was raunchy, inappropriate and hysterical.
One of my favorite characters is Megan... I can't tell you how scary/hilarious this woman is.
I promise you'll be rolling the entire time.
The chick flick of the year.

Mission Impossible.

I love Diet Coke
I know- It's like drinking lighter fluid and rips apart your stomach lining
okay, maybe that's too much
but in all honesty, it's not good for me.
My love has only grown deeper the longer I've been in college.
It's my go-to drink after the mornings (I opt for a good cup of coffee in the A.M.)
Anyways, at my friend Emma's house- I tasted Diet Coke Cherry for the first time
and just couldn't go back.

I returned to Alabama and Hannah (my BFF/fellow diet coke lover) and I went on an intense hunt for this stuff.
Note to everyone: It does not exist in the state of Alabama.
At least Birmingham- we went to four different places and no luck.
So of course, right when I got home, we searched for it here and found it at Kroger
We also traveled to Target where Calypso St. Barth is doing a line-
and I grabbed a few things
(note: I didn't really care for anything on the website but it is much better in person)
here's a peak:

Love these wedges- the hot pink shows when you wear them 
and they are more neutral/beige than shown here.
Hope everyone had a fab. friday

Sassy Nails.

After reading a review about the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, I had to try them.
So I marched to CVS, scanned my CVS card just to see if I had any coupons and bam.
$3 off a cosmetic purchase of $10 or more
The nail polish strips were exactly $10.
I was ecstatic.
So I carefully picked out a color- there are tons of cute ones... sadly, the cheetah print was sold out
or you know I would've snagged those.
So I opted for a more neutral, shiny polish. 
Called 'Raise a Glass'.
They were a little time consuming to put on, and it was my first time
but to stay on for 10 days is a pretty good deal 
and there's no dry time.
They even feel like nail polish
Now off to study.

Fresh Reminder.

Studying is underway and I feel like I'm drowning in Spanish
I'm just so ready to get it over with
I don't think I can stare at the pages much longer...
I read Jesus Calling this morning and it gave me such a sense of relief:

"Do not resist or run from the difficulties in your life. These problems are not random mistakes; they are hand-tailored blessings designed for your benefit and growth. Embrace all the circumstances that I allow in your life, trusting Me to bring good out of them. View problems as opportunities to rely more fully on Me. When you start to feel stressed, let those feelings alert you to your need for Me. Thus, your needs become doorways to deep dependence on Me and increasing intimacy between us. Although self-sufficiency is acclaimed in the world, reliance on Me produces abundant living in the world, reliance on Me produces abundant living in My kingdom. Thank Me for the difficulties in your life, since they provide protection from the idolatry of self-reliance."
That made me take a deep breath and thank the Lord for this day.
Finals are not the end of the world.
My dorm.
Goodbye- you usually had horrible water pressure and a lack of paper towels
but I kind of liked you. 

Finals and Farewells.

via the College Prepster
This is a good reminder- we need these around campus ha.
Finals always seem to stress me out/ get the best of me.
Sometimes I feel as if I can't focus for more than 5 minutes.
I probably won't be around that much this week due to the stress of these three finals.
Tomorrow is my worst one- Spanish.
Oh how I loathe Spanish- and I need two more years of it.
 Tonight, we had a quick dinner at our favorite spot (Mugshots)
They have the best burgers
It's sad I have to leave two of my best friends this summer 
Mason giving his 'sexy' look apparently.
They have twin cars. Two good good people. 

Weekend Snapshots.

My weekend was full of studying.
Finals week is quickly approaching and I am fully preparing myself. 
I have the essentials to survival:

1. Lots of pens, pencils and highlighters. 
2. Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee and diet coke and coffee. Did I mention coffee?
3. Snacks. I may/may not have taken several ziplock baggies to the Caf and filled them with a variety of cereals
4. Friends. I need those right now- seriously. We are all pulling together to help each other.
5. My Bible. I need a breather sometimes and a reminder that finals are not everything.
6. My MacBook- that computer has saved my life time and time again, but I must resist the urge to get on FaceBook and I'm not one of those crazy people who can have others change their passwords from them. No thank you. I like FaceBook .... a lot. 
Here's a snapshot of my weekend... Not entirely exciting at all. And two of the photos happen to be beverages. I guess that covers number 2 on the list.
The new Mocha Coconut Frap at Starbucks it is so delicious
Hannah and I went to 'study' and participate in the Frap half price happy hour from 3-5 at Starbucks!

My friend Kat literally has a stockpile of these in her fridge. 
Too good.
And this is Kat. She looks pretty pale but I can promise you she's a bronzed goddess.
She would probably kill me if she knew I put this up- but she doesn't read my blog :) 
And I obviously didn't take this last picture but how perfectly preppy is this belt?!
Hint to all boys out there wanting to look like Fratstars. 

Happy Mother's Day.

Talk Derby to Me.

Being from Louisville, KY- I am sad sad sad that I'm not at the Derby right now.
The weather looks good and so do the horses!
I'm glued to my TV watching it and pulling for Pants on Fire.
The name is awesome but what's more awesome is the fact that there is a woman jockey riding it. 
Get it girl.
Oh, Kat, Jules and I are obsessed with our Featherlocks so we decided to go
buy feathers and put them in ourselves
and we did.
It was a great success.
I love my peacock feather. 
We don't need training. (ha)


Alright, here's a confession.
Circa 7th grade, I was an avid MySpace(er)- I loved myself some MySpace
but let's be real- who didn't?!
It was the Facebook of the past and it was awesome.
I was that girl who wanted to be awesome and discover artists that were 'unknown' and show my friends and be like yeah, I found them- that's what's up.
So, one day I was browsing the selections and all of sudden, I stumbled upon Matt Wertz
Little did I know that I had found a gem.
I was instantly in love, with his looks, his lyrics and his amazing voice
From then on, I couldn't stop listening to his music
Flash forward to now. 
My freshman year in college- I went to the Ben Rector/ Matt Wertz concert last night and it was incredible
and they had a Meet and Greet afterwards and you know I was like number four in line.
And I met him. 
Now my life is complete and his signature is on my life size poster in my room.
It just doesn't get any better than that...

My wonderful, yet dark photo of myself, Matt Wertz and Brandon, his drummer.
And here's a video of Ben Rector singing about none other than Chi Omega.

Oh yes, that happened.


Such a Sucker.

With Spring in full bloom- almost summer- I'm loving the fashion trends that have popped up
One of which being seersucker.
I'm a sucker for some tailored, pastel stripes...
The official look at the Kentucky Derby (just take a peak below at my Derby party photos)
Two boys donned a full seersucker suit. 



Goodnight Loves.

Pay it Forward.

What a day it has been.
I love Wednesdays- just the fact that they are smack dab in the center of the week
It means I'm half-way done and that is quite the feat.
Today, I went with Han to get my feather extensions (no, not like you're thinking)
I absolutely love them- grey, coral and muted yellow

Not super crazy- just a little color.
Also, I'm participating in Pay it Forward found over at Shasta's Blog
Just wanted to share a little blog lovin'

I adore these two precious girls (who happen to be roommates)
What blessings they are in my life- I hope that they can bless yours too.
Check out their blogs.
I can't wait for church tonight...I love love love that I found a wonderful church here in Birmingham.