Mission Impossible.

I love Diet Coke
I know- It's like drinking lighter fluid and rips apart your stomach lining
okay, maybe that's too much
but in all honesty, it's not good for me.
My love has only grown deeper the longer I've been in college.
It's my go-to drink after the mornings (I opt for a good cup of coffee in the A.M.)
Anyways, at my friend Emma's house- I tasted Diet Coke Cherry for the first time
and just couldn't go back.

I returned to Alabama and Hannah (my BFF/fellow diet coke lover) and I went on an intense hunt for this stuff.
Note to everyone: It does not exist in the state of Alabama.
At least Birmingham- we went to four different places and no luck.
So of course, right when I got home, we searched for it here and found it at Kroger
We also traveled to Target where Calypso St. Barth is doing a line-
and I grabbed a few things
(note: I didn't really care for anything on the website but it is much better in person)
here's a peak:

Love these wedges- the hot pink shows when you wear them 
and they are more neutral/beige than shown here.
Hope everyone had a fab. friday

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