Blog Sale Part Two.

Here are some new items to add to yesterday's bunch:
Again, e-mail me at

Victoria Secret PINK Flip Flops 
Size: Medium 8-9 Worn Once Price: $5

JCrew Anchor Flip Flops
Size Medium 8-9 Worn Twice Price: $5

Old Navy Bow Tank
Size Small Worn Once Price: $5

GAP Pink Ruffle Shirt with Button Detail in Back
Worn Twice Size: XS Price: $5

GAP Bootcut Jeans 
Size: 4L but they do NOT fit like a long or I wouldn't have been able to wear them.
Worn once Price: $5
American Eagle Cropped Boyfriend Jeans
Worn 3 times Size: 4
Price: $5

Banana Republic Coral Linen Shirt
Size: XS Worn 2x Price: $7

Karlie Checkered Dress
Size: SMALL Worn 2x 
Price: $7 

Lucky Brand Give Love, Give Peace Reversible Scarf
Worn Once Price: $6

Lucky Brand Live in Love Hoodie
Size SMALL Worn Once
Retail: $60 Price: $7 SOLD

Blog Sale Part One.

I am about to head off to college again and I have been going through stuff
I just honestly don't wear.
It's such a waste just hanging in my closet and I need more room!

e-mail me if you're interested in an item with 
the subject being whatever the item is called:

If you live in Louisville, obviously no shipping costs.
Otherwise, we will work that out.

Vera Bradley Morgan Purse in Call Me Coral
Gifted- never worn NWT. Retail: $63 Price: $10 SOLD

GAP T-Shirt Size XS
Worn Once Price: $5

GAP Floral (Orange) Skirt
Size: XS
Worn 1-2 Times Price: $5 SOLD

Forever 21 Button Down (Blue and White)
Worn 2-3 times
Size SMALL Price: $5 
Steve Madden Flip Flops
Size 8.5 Worn about 3 times
Brown Price: $7
American Eagle Tank
Worn 2-3 Times
Price: $5
Cowboy Hat Tank Top from Boutique
Size: MEDIUM Worn 3 times Price: $5
GAP Blue Skirt (Same as orange one above)
Worn twice Size: XS
Price $7
Champion Running Shirt 
Size: Small Worn Once Price $5

Old Navy Sweater Size SMALL 
worn once Price: $5

I will be posting more tomorrow! xoxo

Write On.

I am picky about what types of pens I use during school.
I tend to be 'that girl' in class that takes notes of everything that comes out of the Professor's mouth.
I can't help it-- I feel as if I might miss something 
and I am too OCD to miss something.
Well, after reading several posts about these certain pens I thought I would pick some up
(especially since Kroger has them on sale!)
via Google
Pilot G2 Gel Pens
Needless to say, they make me want to write every little thing down.
I have already made several to-do lists.
Add these to your school supplies list for the spring semester pronto!

Monday Pick-Me-Up.

For most of us around the country, 
we have the day off. 
I hope you spend this day relaxing on the couch, sipping on some coffee 
and curling up with a good book or television show.
PS Gossip Girl, The Bachelor AND Pretty Little Liars comes on tonight.
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Okay, I have had the hardest time finding face make-up that works for me.
My face apparently thinks I am a pre-teen and some bumps have been popping up.
It is so annoying trying to find something that makes my face look smooth 
without being super cake-y. (Is this a word?)
Anyway, my last two have been a tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier and Benefit)
and they have been good, but more for the summer weather.
After reading up on some products and creeping celebrities' twitter accounts,
I discovered many people talking about this baby:
via Google
Make Up Forever HD Foundation
I normally don't go for foundation because I honestly hate applying it with that little brush
and it tends to be heavy, but I am in love.
I can't wait to put my make up on in the morning now.
Check this out (excuse the orange glow, yes- my bathroom walls are orange)
You get the idea. 

Spring Preview.

I stumbled upon the pictures of the new Essie Spring 2012 collection 
and I have to say, I may purchase all of them.
Maybe paint each nail a different color....No?
Here they are- in all their glory.
via Pinterest

Seeing Neon.

As I browse the aisles at stores, I am beginning to spot a pattern.
Neon will be having a moment this spring.
I thought I would grab a few pieces that will brighten my day...
I saw these at Target yesterday and had to have them:

via Target
The first, but certainly not the last of the neon for me this spring.

Seeing Spots.

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite color is--
which sadly does not happen near as often as it did when I was 12--
 I reply with 'leopard'. 
The conversation then goes something like this, "Leopard is not a color...."
I am here to say that it is, in fact, a color.
Okay, a mix of colors maybe, but it is still (and will always be) my favorite color.
Leopard has always had a moment- I had a favorite leopard jacket when I was five.
Here are how I would wear it around town:

all via Pinterest

Christmas Goodies.

Merry Belated Christmas!
I love getting gifts as much as anyone but I also really love giving.
Christmas flew by but here are some of the items I was gifted:
Longchamp Le Pliage Bag in Taupe
I have been wanting this bag for awhile now and my dad picked it up while over in Paris this August.
 Viva La Juicy Perfume
I was in desperate need of new perfume. I was determined to wear Flowerbomb but after putting this 
on, I decided it smelled much better.
 Frye Harness Boots
I was given a check to buy whatever I wanted for Christmas.
I knew exactly where that check was going.
I love these boots.
Essie Cocktail Bling
Among the gifts that boyfriend got me, he picked out nail polish for me.
Yes, all by himself and I'd say he did pretty darn good.
all images via Google
Hope you all are loving what you received for Christmas!


Dances occur quite frequently in college.
Whether it is an open party or a formal, a girl must dress the part.
I have had my eye on a few dresses for an upcoming formal
but could not find something that was really 'worth it'.
Lilly Pulitzer is having a New Year sale with some amazing deals.
Who am I kidding, the sales are always good over there.
Check it out for yourself.
Here's a peak at the chosen formal dress I purchased for myself that was a steal.
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