Okay, I have had the hardest time finding face make-up that works for me.
My face apparently thinks I am a pre-teen and some bumps have been popping up.
It is so annoying trying to find something that makes my face look smooth 
without being super cake-y. (Is this a word?)
Anyway, my last two have been a tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier and Benefit)
and they have been good, but more for the summer weather.
After reading up on some products and creeping celebrities' twitter accounts,
I discovered many people talking about this baby:
via Google
Make Up Forever HD Foundation
I normally don't go for foundation because I honestly hate applying it with that little brush
and it tends to be heavy, but I am in love.
I can't wait to put my make up on in the morning now.
Check this out (excuse the orange glow, yes- my bathroom walls are orange)
You get the idea. 

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