Let's be real-- I'm excited it's Thursday.
Thursday means that it's almost the weekend which means
no work, all play.
Or lay in bed, catch up on my shows, drink coffee and eat Twizzlers.
Yeah, I think it's the second one.
Anywho, I'm getting my hair did today.
Now listen, here in Louisville it normally costs me over $100 for a cut/color.
In Jackson, it's about $90.
Well, Groupon was being awesome a few days ago and had a cut/color/style
for 49 DOLLARS.
Say what what.
I snagged that baby--but now I'm kind of bummed because of this website that I discovered.
This girl is kicking herself.
Okay, it's called and it's AWESOME.
image via google
You basically go through the website and answer questions regarding your hair color now and what you want it to look like.
A colorist puts your hair color together (this is the SALON hair color, not the stuff you buy in the drugstore that may/may not turn your locks orange.)
And right now it's $4.95 to YOUR DOOR for first time customers.
Is this real life?!
I'm going to go ahead and order mine for when this girl needs some touch-ups.
Ya'll-check it out HERE.
Let me know what you think.
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What I'm Loving Wednesday

Two link ups in a week...oh gracious.
It's called--I am currently out of creative juices due to the fact that I am babysitting
up to three times a day.
Well, I put a lot of what I love on this blog already but 
get ready for some new ones.
image via google
1. Starbucks Light
Okay, I love me some sbux. It's bad--I have to resist the urge to buy each time I walk past one.
But these little babies come in a four-pack for under $5.
And the best part? They're only 100 calories each. 
I pour them over ice--crushed or cubed. (I prefer crushed--tastes like a smoothie?)
image via google
2. Pretty Little Liars
Does anyone not watch this show?
Well, if ya don't...start.
I'm serious- It's the best.
And the girls are always lookin' top notch.
I covet their fashion sense.
3. Homemade Strawberry Shortcake
The ultimate summer treat.
Angel Food. Strawberries with sugar. Homemade whipped cream.
4. My iPad
Obsessed would be an understate.
I love playing with this thing.
It fits perfectly into my purse for on-the-go updates.
But I am in desperate need of a cute cover/case.
Also--any cool apps I should get!?
5. Spike Earrings from Forever 21
For four bucks you can't go wrong.
They come in gold and gunmetal.
They are going to look killer with a high volume ponytail.
What are ya'll loving?
I want to know!
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Top 5 Tuesday.

Just Peachy
Rachel over at Just Peachy hosts a Top 5 Tuesday and I decided to join in this week
especially with the topic being: Top 5 Celebrity Crushes.
Oh dizzang, do I have to stop at five?
This was hard to compile since there are a lot of good lookin' hot cookin' men that
are celebs but here ya go.
1. Garrett Hedlund
I don't know what's hotter- his voice in Country Strong or his face.
I would say they are equal. 
Garrett, you are one of the most attractive men I have ever seen- I sure hope you read this blog.

2. Chris Hemsworth 
I couldn't decide which picture was better so I thought I'd show ya'll both.
Okay, so in Avengers- he played Thor.
I must say I prefer this look over his long, flowing locks in the movie.
But either way, this guy is a knock-out.
3. Ryan Gosling
When I see Ryan, I always see Noah from The Notebook.
That's where I first fell in love with that face of his--
I am pretty sure he is every girl's dream guy because of that movie.
4. Matthew McConaughey
Whenever I see him in a movie, I love to listen to him talk.
His voice is just attractive.
You know those times when you hear someone's voice and you haven't seen them yet
but in your head you're like "dang, I know that person must be good looking"
Enter Matthew McConaughey.
5. Luke Bryan
Has anyone seen this on Pinterest?
all images via google/pinterest
Yeah, that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world-
this man is very attractive, as is his singing voice.
There's just somethin' about a country boy.

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Manic Monday.

I feel like Mondays are always busy.
Or boring...
I thought I would start the week with a lot of randoms.
Why not?
First, after reading a tweet about USA Poptarts, I set out to find those suckers.
After searching just about all the Kroger, Walmarts and Targets around this part of town,
I gave up...
Until, I ran into Meijer across the street to grab something and boom.
A big whole display of these glorious treats.
Sold both of my items on eBay.
Anyone else out there addicted to selling on eBay?
I also went and saw two movies this weekend. 
It's so dang hot in the state of Kentucky that a movie is about all you can do without 
suffering from a bout of heat stroke.
4 out of 5 stars
I know some people didn't like this movie but I'm a sucker for animated movies...
Everything in a Scottish accent was great...and the hair--the hair rocked.
Even though I was in a theatre at 11 am on a Saturday and the room resembled 
a daycare with children errrywhere, it a good, family-friendly movie.
Disney has done it again.
2 out of 5 stars
I had never even heard of this movie until someone mentioned it to my mom.
She said it was hysterical, so of course we went.
Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey were both in it and Jack was literally 
the person perfect to play the part..but I just didn't think it was that funny.
I don't want to give too much away, but the small town, Southern vibe was the only funny thing about the entire movie. Some of the stuff they said was hy-sterical.
Maybe another reason why I didn't love this movie was because the woman in front of me was literally 
shouting words every other second...I'm not kidding...people moved.
Anywho, I'm really excited to share with ya'll tomorrow's post.
Have a fabulous Monday.
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Sunday Nights.

Just popping in to say hello.
I'm headed to bed early--babysitting twice tomorrow!
But check out my nails.
Leopard is my favorite color.

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Saturday OOTD

Here is what I am wearing while running around town today.
I bought both of these items yesterday at J.Crew.
J.Crew just never lets a girl down (same with chocolate and a good movie.)

Yes, I know I am not wearing any shoes.
Just trying to fit into the Kentucky stereotype--
Actually, contrary to popular belief- we do tend to wear shoes in these parts.
And those shorts--they're bright pink--like neon pink and I think I am in love.
And the best part about the Crew... If you're a student you get 15% off the sale items.
(They changed the rules!)
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Hey Christian Girl

Okay ya'll...I found this Tumblr
and it's called Hey Christian Girl
and it's hysterical.
Well, most of them are--some are questionable.
Apparently these are the things every girl wants to hear from a God-fearin' man.

Oh my, this is right on the ball.

Aaaand my favorite ...
Too good.
Disclaimer: I love the Lord and strive after Him daily
but I do know that I have heard a few of these phrases
once, twice, a thousand times.
Hope ya'll got a good laugh on this lovely Saturday.

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Friday Favorites.

This week has been crayyy.
aka babysitting 24/7 
buuut I have a few favs. I want to share with ya'll. 
Trust me- they're great.
1. Twizzlers Bites
These are the
Lately, when I am craving candy--this is what I want.
May or may not have stopped at Walgreens twice already to pick up a few bags.
No shame- low fat snack...see right there in the upper left hand corner?
Okay, it's not necessarily a fruit/veggie but it's not like poppin' a Twix bar or five.
Sidenote: I do not purchase the Family Bag (Don't judge me)
2. E.L.F. Hypershine Gloss
So many bloggers have been talking about this stuff and 
for one dollar I had to see what all the hype was about.
I purchased the gloss in 'Flirt' and I really like it.
It smells like heaven and looks pretty dang good too.
3. Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy
Again, do not judge me for reading this.
I love myself some LC (Can we talk about Laguna Beach?!)
But when I heard she was coming out with a novel and I swore that it was probably awful
and that I would never read it.
Well, a few years later and look at me now. 
It's an easy read, entertaining and kind of reminds me of The Hills.

4. My Chinese JCrew Knock-off Bubble Necklace
That's a mouthful.
But really, I love this thing. 
Due to my high-quality iPhone picture you cannot really tell how awesome and turquoise it is.
But just trust me on this one. 
You can also trust that my room is obviously not clean. 
Oh well.
all images via google except the ones of me 

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eBay Sale!

Don't want to go post-crazy but I am putting some clothes on eBay tonight 
if anyone is interested.
Click HERE to see my coral J.Crew shorts and search the store.
Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday night.
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Pretty Little Hair?

Alright, confession time.
I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars.
I turn it up real loud, yell at the TV, it's bad you all.
But I don't care because I just can't get enough.
Not just of the storyline but the style!
Dang, if my best friends and I looked that good all the time...
Ha, but I will say that Hanna's hair is always lookin' real good.

all images via google
See what I mean?
Although, I miss her long hair- she can pull off the short.
But these past episodes she's got some cray updo thing goin' on and it's badddd.
What do ya'll think: long or short?

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Quick Blog Sale.

I have been searching through my closet and trying to pick out things
that I no longer wear or have never worn.
This article of clothing goes in the 'never worn' category.
I put them on twice, intending to wear them, but they didn't make it past the front door.
Don't get me wrong, this girl loves herself some cheetah print.
It's my favorite color.
Well, these babies are Rebecca Minkoff jeans and are AWESOME in person.
They have zippers at the bottom and give a little bit. 

Hilary and Vanessa love 'em. You should too!
I will most likely put them on eBay put wanted to see if any of ya'll wanted dibs first.
They retailed for over 300 bucks but I would give them to you all for $60.
Just let a girl know if you're interested!
Oh, size four (and they are skinny jeans)!
e-mail me at

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