Let's be real-- I'm excited it's Thursday.
Thursday means that it's almost the weekend which means
no work, all play.
Or lay in bed, catch up on my shows, drink coffee and eat Twizzlers.
Yeah, I think it's the second one.
Anywho, I'm getting my hair did today.
Now listen, here in Louisville it normally costs me over $100 for a cut/color.
In Jackson, it's about $90.
Well, Groupon was being awesome a few days ago and had a cut/color/style
for 49 DOLLARS.
Say what what.
I snagged that baby--but now I'm kind of bummed because of this website that I discovered.
This girl is kicking herself.
Okay, it's called and it's AWESOME.
image via google
You basically go through the website and answer questions regarding your hair color now and what you want it to look like.
A colorist puts your hair color together (this is the SALON hair color, not the stuff you buy in the drugstore that may/may not turn your locks orange.)
And right now it's $4.95 to YOUR DOOR for first time customers.
Is this real life?!
I'm going to go ahead and order mine for when this girl needs some touch-ups.
Ya'll-check it out HERE.
Let me know what you think.
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