Friday Favorites.

This week has been crayyy.
aka babysitting 24/7 
buuut I have a few favs. I want to share with ya'll. 
Trust me- they're great.
1. Twizzlers Bites
These are the
Lately, when I am craving candy--this is what I want.
May or may not have stopped at Walgreens twice already to pick up a few bags.
No shame- low fat snack...see right there in the upper left hand corner?
Okay, it's not necessarily a fruit/veggie but it's not like poppin' a Twix bar or five.
Sidenote: I do not purchase the Family Bag (Don't judge me)
2. E.L.F. Hypershine Gloss
So many bloggers have been talking about this stuff and 
for one dollar I had to see what all the hype was about.
I purchased the gloss in 'Flirt' and I really like it.
It smells like heaven and looks pretty dang good too.
3. Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy
Again, do not judge me for reading this.
I love myself some LC (Can we talk about Laguna Beach?!)
But when I heard she was coming out with a novel and I swore that it was probably awful
and that I would never read it.
Well, a few years later and look at me now. 
It's an easy read, entertaining and kind of reminds me of The Hills.

4. My Chinese JCrew Knock-off Bubble Necklace
That's a mouthful.
But really, I love this thing. 
Due to my high-quality iPhone picture you cannot really tell how awesome and turquoise it is.
But just trust me on this one. 
You can also trust that my room is obviously not clean. 
Oh well.
all images via google except the ones of me 

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  1. I the color of your dress it's so bright and summery!

  2. Love this necklace! I've seen it all over the blog world. Looks like I need to break down and buy it. It looks great with your pink dress!

  3. Oh girl, you need to! It's only 15 bucks on eBay straight from Hong Kong. Haha thank ya!

  4. Love all your favorites! My picks, the gloss and that fabulous necklace!! :-)

    1. Thanks! I went out and got another color in the gloss. Totally worth a dollar-you should check them out!