With Love, From China

Alright, I am sure you have allll heard about the JCrew Bubble Necklace.
That little jewel is everywhere.
I've seen it at JCrew in all it's glory aka $150.
I just cannot justify shelling that out especially when there are some dang good look-a-likes out in cyberspace.
I checked a lot of places before settling on where to buy.
Finally, I picked eBay.
My pretty little necklace was $15 including shipping.
I'm always a little weary about buying from China on eBay.
Side Note: In high school, I thought I was getting a deal by buying my then boyfriend
a black Northface on eBay from Hong Kong for 60 bucks. Well, I ordered a Medium.
I received an XXL and it read 'The North Faoe." 
But I have heard great stories from other bloggers about their bubble necklaces from China
so I went for it.
And I am beyond pleased.
Bonus---it only took barely over a week to get here. What!
Look at this beauty:
I love it.
Here is my seller: Click Here!
Get yourself one--you seriously won't regret it.
I cannot wait to wear this baby.


  1. Love that necklace! I got your comment but I wasn't able to reply back via email - I think your email address is set up as noreply@blogger.com - you can defintely fix this in your settings! To answer your question about the shirt, I haven't received it yet but I am hoping any day now. I will let you know if it is legit though :)

  2. Thank you :) Oh whoops! Thank you for letting me know that-- had no idea!

    Perfect, because it is adorable!