Good Skin.

My skin has been struggling these past couple years.
Usually, the bumps start and end in the tween years but that was not the case for me.
If anything, they started in high school and have continually gotten worse.
I don't know if living in a dorm or what affected my skin, but I tried everything.
I had been to dermatologist after dermatologist...
I even bought the Clarisonic Mia but not much changed--
until I went to my hairdresser in Jackson and she told me about a product that changed her skin completely...
No dermatologist had ever even mentioned it.
It has completely changed my skin, now I just have a bump on occasion. 
Literally, a miracle in a container.
If any of you all have problem skin, at least try it. 
It never hurt to try.
Disclaimer: I have super sensitive skin and this hasn't bothered my face that much at all and I even use it twice a day.
I have also found make up that I have fallen in love with.
I have tried quite a few different tinted moisturizers and foundations but this one takes the cake...
And it's actually neither. 
image via google
Introducing Smashbox BB Cream.
It rocks.
It's a primer, moisturizer, SPF 35 sunscreen and more.
It has the perfect amount of coverage and looks SO natural.
I'm all about the au-natural look- I wear light (this girl has fair skin) 
and I couldn't be happier.
The only bad thing is that it is sold out basically everywhere.
I bought mine at Macy's- it was the last one.
Run out and get yo self some. 
You won't be sorry- plus, other companies make BB cream (I heard the Boscia one is great, too!)


  1. Need to get that BB Cream! I've been wanting to try one for awhile!

  2. YES! And let me know how you like it :)