What I Am Loving...

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1. Viggle
Viggle is an app for your smartphone that allows you to check in 
to what show you are watching on television
and gain points.
When you reach a certain amount of points, you get a gift card.
Free money?
I am trying to get 9,000 points for the Starbucks gift card and honestly
it is so easy to grab points--especially the high number ones (Pretty Little Liars anyone?)
2. Funfetti Seasonal Cupcakes
In high school, my mom would make these for every theme that came out.
Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas--you name it, she made it.
Well, spring was on sale at my local Kroger and I had to snatch up a box or two.
They are so, so good.
3. Pedicures
There's just something about a pedicure in the summer.
Especially if it is a good one.
I hate feet, so it's important that they look good while rocking the flip flops in the summertime.
4. Coffee
Not just Quills (although I would argue that they make the best coffee in Louisville)
but coffee in general.
It started after high school when I got my Keurig and it has progressed into a full-on 
No shame here.
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5. Ashley Olsen's Hair Color
I am getting my hair done soon (thank goodness) You know it's bad when your boyfriend
says something...
Anyway- I adore her blonde and hopefully my locks will be looking as good as hers in the near future.

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