Previously On.

working for the weekend.
this past one was great
much much needed
although filled filled with step sing
it was filled with sweet friends and treats as well!
take a peak.
before the club
yeah, the club
I know...I know.
it was country music
the Benjy Davis Project.
before this I ate this delishhhh treat
Jack & Coke Cupcake
from YOLO.
excuse the iphone pic.
and during the day-- because the weather was fab
we went to the boulders
and "climbed rocks"
oh how I wish this photo was better quality
this is Joseph's "I'm stuck on a rock and can't get down" face
he almost died
nevertheless, it was a successful weekend.
now, I can't wait till this one!
bahh back to step sing and homework.
oh oh oh just found out 
I'm going to Nashvegas with my best friends for the .....
for my BIRTHDAY.
so so so excited.
oh my.


I Need Sleep.

shout out to my Chi Omega ladiezzzzz.

Kate Spade.

Kate Spade new arrivals are here.
Spring is back in full force.
I am so anxious for the bright hues to return.

I love this combo.
I have a black dress that looks almost like this
and am totally pairing it with bubblegum pink tights.
Hopefully I can pull this off.
Sorry for the lack of posting.
my life has been school, step sing, homework and sleeping
so exciting right?
sadly, this weekend won't be much of a break
but for now I can browse the fun colors of Kate Spade and wish for Spring Break!


Busy Bee.

I literally have gone from all the time in the world to
time crunch.
running around with my head cut off 
trying to grab a bite to eat while driving
it's intense.
I hate this.
it's hard to take a breather.
buuuut this made my night better
all the girls gather in our huge corner room
but really we cram in here and stare at the tv for an hour
it's pure bliss.
what day is it?
I don't even know.
trudging to step sing practice this is what I sipped my much needed coffee out of
I have to go to bed now.
11 p.m.
hello 8 ams
this is disgusting.
who did this to me?!?!
oh yeah, my choice.
rock on.

xoxo gossip girl


sorry for my lack of updates
I have been crazy busy with initiation and unpacking
*and I'm still sooooo sickkkkky -- it's the worst*
and it'll only get more intense
as school is starting Monday
I just wish the semester could stay like this 
but I think it'll fly by. 
this is what I missed most about college:
this baby is the best
coffee urrryydayyy now!
and (I know this is weird) I missed my bed
it has tempurpedic on it.
oh sweet geez.
it's such a good bed.
so exciting
I love my sweet sisters!
sorry for the bad iphone pic
but my precious grand big got me these
owls owls owls!
off to spend time with the sisters.


Samford Sweet Samford

back to school
back to school.
I miss my fam. and my friends.
I arrived here around 2:45 and just now (11:00 pm) finished unpacking
to my defense I went to dinner with my precious Chi O sisters and our bigs.
so fun.
and then the girls came in my room to watch the RHOBH finale
and Jersey Shore
luckily, I found myself a good guido juicehead gorilla.
I don't understand their language.
but while watching our shows we changed into our pajamas
which happened to be the same
funny how obsessed we are with being Chi Omegas and owls 

I love these girls.
now off to have a somewhat relaxing weekend
before school starts. 


Wish List Wednesday.

well, I feel a little less crappy today
a little.
went to get my nails did.
I got a special polish that lasts for two weeks or longer
that's my kind of manicure.
then off to get car worked on and shopping done before I leave tomorrow
this makes me very very sad.
I'll miss Louisville.
never thought I'd say that. 
here's what I purchased today!
turn lock wallet in Folkloric 
I needed a new wallet- badly.
heard this stuff does wonders for your hair
I'm excited to try it!
love these 
they fit amazing.
now if only SPRING would show up
BHAM, please let your weather be nice.
also bought some fragrances for my car from Bath & Body works
much needed after my pumpkin spice died.
so what am I lusting over right now?
eventually I will bite the bullet and get some
also, I really just would love this:
I hear it does wonders for skin
well, off to go take more meds, sniffle and pack


Can't Talk.

Woke up this morning at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m.
thanks to my killer sore throat
it's like I couldn't even swallow
welp, off to the doctor for me
I tried to speak but I just sounded like a middle-aged smoker
if words even came out
and now I'm on meds
the verdict?
strep throat
just what I needed before I head back to school
I feel like I am taking so many meds already aka vitamins and such 
this is me
okay, obv. not actually me
but that's how I sure as heck feel right now
so after a fun-filled day of laying down and watching movies
I am just worn out
hitting the hay early tonight
and packing tomorrow.
ew ew ew ew EW.
I hate packing
until tomorrow


Will You Accept This Rose?

most people think football
I think The Bachelor and Pretty Little Liars

two good shows
and my sweet friend Heather comes over to watch=)
I'm excited.
No one has updated their blogs today
It is depressing
But instead of a recap of my fav Golden Globe moments
how about the WORST moments of all Golden Globe time
Diane Kruger
Chloe Sevigny
Vannessa Williams
Last but not least
good lookin' hott cookin'
But last night most the celebs were looking good.
I'm dreading packing up my stuff and putting it in the Mazda.
not ready for this
at. all.
gracious, I'll be saying a few prayers


Derby Days.

Thinking about Derby makes me so excited
Not only do I get to come home
my precious group of friends is coming with.
and I just bought my dress
Lilly Pulitzer of course.
And I found one on Rue La La that I immediately fell in love with
Take a look!
"Blossom" Ten Speed Dress
original - $145
Rue La La- $60
my price after my credit- $30
This makes me so excited!
I worked all day
I am ready to lay down 
but I'm headed to Emma's for a night with the girls
our last night all together :(((
I will miss them all dearly.


Florence, Ya'll.

Today, Mother and I went shopping
in Florence, KY.
What's there...right?
H&M is there.
Gap/Banana Rep./Old Navy outlet is there.
we were on a time crunch but I managed to snag a few deals
most of the shirts at the outlet had stains
it was just the worst.
but I struck gold-- i'm talkin' gold when I looked down
and saw the most perfect pair of boots
these to be exact
that's right-- rain boots
will I be wearing them only as rain boots?
heck no. 
original price- $100
my price- $19
my next purchase was from the Gap store in the mall.
30% entire purchase
I saw this on the ad at the front of the store
and I loooved it
so I grabbed it
original- $20
my price: $13-ish.
I dont remember the cents ha
anywayssss that was my day
oh yes and finished with the Post and a great sermon
and a movie with Laina
perfect, perfect day. 


Home Sweet Home.

Our trip to Lexington was great.
actually that's an understatement
it was the frozen tundra
and we walked everywhere
but it was a fun experience
to see my sweet best friends
and their college experience.
We arrived frostbitten and went straight to dinner
on campus.
it was so good.
I was shocked.
No offense Sammy--but yo food is not that good.
(minus the fro yo w/ mix-ins)
and then trekked to CSF
for worship and a sermon
it was a great experience-- different than what I've been to in the Ham.
and then my absolute fav. 
frozen yogurt
we went to the Orange Leaf
and I got to see friends from high school
It was delish... deeellissshh.
and back to dorms.
The campus was huge-- I had never really thought about it when I visited
back in high school.
It's funny to see how different all of our colleges are
sometimes I wonder am I missing out on big SEC games (Go CATS)
and tailgates and such?
but I know that the Lord has placed me in a setting
that I was uncomfortable with but has been such a blessing
just look at my first blog post.
Thank you Lord for the girls in my life at Samford.
I can't wait to visit again...
Sadly, I won't see them for awhile.
on a less sappy note
I want these:
but in green.
they are huge
but I love.
until later-- I need sleeeeep.



that's right.
Heather and I and the open road.
all the way to University of Kentucky
livin' the dream.
staying in LexVegas with our best friends.
Here are some pictures from Maddie's birthday at my fav. sushi place
new hair?
can you even tell ha

I love my sweet friends.
I'm ready for some adventures
and friend time until....May
oh, that is so depressing.


Wish List Wednesday.

okay, I'm starting a new thing.
Wish  List Wednesday
aka all the stuff I am lusting over. 
the list is long but I'll keep it short ha. 
(by the way- I am in an eBay bidder battle- wish me luck)

1. Jemma Kidd Lipstick- Belle de Jour

2. Viktor & Rolf- Flowerbomb Perfume
this stuff smells ahhmaazinggg

3. Fudge Oreos
yes, I'm serious

4. NARS- Laguna Bronzer

5. Steve Madden- Trouser
I need want oxfords

as for this item I'm bidding on eBay
I haven't bid yet
I like to do the sneak attack
come out of nowhere.
creepy right?
it's a skillful tactic.
I basically had a dream about this dress
I am so excited and hopefully it doesn't go past my breaking point
it's pretty close!
I'll keep ya'll updated 


Let it Snow.

snow is everywhere.
it makes me even more ready for spring
and warmth.
Heather and I went to the mall today
and I saw a deal (shocker)
Bath & Body Works
my favorite scent that is discontinued and only comes out during sales.
if you haven't smelled this before-- it's amazing
light, fresh, delish.
go out and get yourself some ha. 
honestly, all this snow makes me want to curl up in a ball and stay warm
which is what I'm doing right now
I ventured out to Starbucks to get my fix aka Nonfat Cafe Misto. yums.
I can't say I'm ready to go back to school.
Forget college
I'll just live in my bedroom upstairs for the rest of my life and 
that works right?
Oh, I got five prescriptions filled today
Apparently, I have problems.
ha ha



I know...
It's probably really weird to update my blog more than once a day.
heck, most people don't even do everyday
I guess on break I have too much time on my hands ha
but I had something very exciting to share with ya'll
I bought my college textbooks
big whoop right?
Guess how much I paid?!
This may not excite you-- but for ALL FOUR CLASSES (that's with tax included!)
I'm dying.
and patting myself on the back.
That's seven books.
plus by buying them-- I get to sell them back.
Need help with buying yours?
I'd be happy to.
Just let me know-- or text if you have my number



Well, the music from Country Strong is still stuck in my head
good morning by the way
I have no idea why I woke up so early
well, early compared to what I'm used to
You know those black boots I got for Christmas?
Steve Madden.
Rue La La.
Well, they decided to fall apart on me
aka the leather was peeling off.
Needless to say I returned those puppies
and found myself another pair which I may love even more.
I love love love
Hopefully they fit.
And those D&G sunglasses I was stalking
they're gone.
maybe that's a sign that I shouldn't get them
Chi Omega's/ Owl Lovers
Look what Kate Spade made for us ha
Meet [Tootsie]
precious if I say so myself.
I may have to pick one up.
I've also been looking at [Lilly]
to cure my winter blues
I need some spring in my life
OH and I just finished buying my textbooks for this semester
I'm just glad it's over.
I got some great deals.



I apologize.
Two posts in one day
isn't that a little obsessive Mckenzie?
talking to myself.
please watch this
I've watched it about 8 times on replay
and will continue to do so



Country Strong.

I just went to see Country Strong with Heather.
ha I didn't mean for that to be in all caps but now I think it's fitting.
anyways, go see it. now.
I stood outside in the freezing cold rummaging through my black hole of a purse
to find my free movie pass.
desperation at its finest.
luckily, heather found it.
but here's the trailer
again-- OH MY GOSH.
give me your voice and that cowboy.

I cried like a baby.
All I want to do is talk in a country accent and sing.
As for my hair--
I forgot to upload pictures
and the memory card is not with me at the moment
so hold on that one.
It's realllly not that exciting
Oh and my cake balls
let me warn ya'll.
they don't look as delish as they were.

I tried okay.
Red Velvet. 
thanks [Bakerella] for this recipe!


Bleed Blue.

My Kentucky Wildcats 
played today.
Football in the bowl game in the Ham
and vs UGA in basketball.
My boyfriend is from GA
therefore we try to put in our input and try to one up each other
obviously my CATS are better than anyone. 
Chik-Fil-A was giving free spicy chicken biscuits this morning
so mom picked some up and then
I went to go to my hair appt. at 11:30
I didn't get in the chair till 12:05.
I could've slept longer-
what a bummer.
But Jen B. was hilarious.
I. was. dying.
and I loooove my hair
Pictures to come later.
I'm making cake balls tonight for a friend's birthday dinner
after the Post.
I will have to update after the dinner to show my creations!
oh oh I started taking this today
It helps hair and nails grow fast
and helps clear skin.
Yes please.
I'll let you all know if this stuff works!


Random Thoughts.

a few nights ago I went to see True Grit.
so good.
I didn't know what to expect.
I've watched old Country Westerns with my dad 
but this was a good good remake.
check out the trailer.
honestly, the Hailee Steinfeld makes the movie.

also, I celebrated a friend's birthday today at Starbucks
and I have a new favorite drink
Throw in two sugar in the raw packets and a dash of chocolate powder
and ta da 
and only 70 calories for a Grande.
perfect for the chilly days and nights here in KY.
and one more random thought.
I was watching the new Real Housewives of Bev. Hills (no surprise here)
and fell in l-o-v-e with Kyle Richard's sunglasses
they are fierce.
I want want want.


Wakey Wakey.

Good Morning.
okay. fine.
Good Afternoon.
I've taken full advantage of my sleep during this break
because college does not give me a time to breathe.
Saturday, I'm going to get my hair did.
I'm thinking a brand new color
such as:

not only do I really like her--
I really like her hair color as well.
Something that isn't too dreary
and another purchase to wear before the weather turns too warm:
From A to Z-urich
I was rummaging through a random bin at the bottom of a shelf
at the local store and looky what I found.
They were trying to get rid of OPI nail polish
Why would they do that?
Buuut thank you, I got this baby for $3.00.
I love a good deal.