Bleed Blue.

My Kentucky Wildcats 
played today.
Football in the bowl game in the Ham
and vs UGA in basketball.
My boyfriend is from GA
therefore we try to put in our input and try to one up each other
obviously my CATS are better than anyone. 
Chik-Fil-A was giving free spicy chicken biscuits this morning
so mom picked some up and then
I went to go to my hair appt. at 11:30
I didn't get in the chair till 12:05.
I could've slept longer-
what a bummer.
But Jen B. was hilarious.
I. was. dying.
and I loooove my hair
Pictures to come later.
I'm making cake balls tonight for a friend's birthday dinner
after the Post.
I will have to update after the dinner to show my creations!
oh oh I started taking this today
It helps hair and nails grow fast
and helps clear skin.
Yes please.
I'll let you all know if this stuff works!


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