Florence, Ya'll.

Today, Mother and I went shopping
in Florence, KY.
What's there...right?
H&M is there.
Gap/Banana Rep./Old Navy outlet is there.
we were on a time crunch but I managed to snag a few deals
most of the shirts at the outlet had stains
it was just the worst.
but I struck gold-- i'm talkin' gold when I looked down
and saw the most perfect pair of boots
these to be exact
that's right-- rain boots
will I be wearing them only as rain boots?
heck no. 
original price- $100
my price- $19
my next purchase was from the Gap store in the mall.
30% entire purchase
I saw this on the ad at the front of the store
and I loooved it
so I grabbed it
original- $20
my price: $13-ish.
I dont remember the cents ha
anywayssss that was my day
oh yes and finished with the Post and a great sermon
and a movie with Laina
perfect, perfect day. 


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