Previously On.

working for the weekend.
this past one was great
much much needed
although filled filled with step sing
it was filled with sweet friends and treats as well!
take a peak.
before the club
yeah, the club
I know...I know.
it was country music
the Benjy Davis Project.
before this I ate this delishhhh treat
Jack & Coke Cupcake
from YOLO.
excuse the iphone pic.
and during the day-- because the weather was fab
we went to the boulders
and "climbed rocks"
oh how I wish this photo was better quality
this is Joseph's "I'm stuck on a rock and can't get down" face
he almost died
nevertheless, it was a successful weekend.
now, I can't wait till this one!
bahh back to step sing and homework.
oh oh oh just found out 
I'm going to Nashvegas with my best friends for the .....
for my BIRTHDAY.
so so so excited.
oh my.


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  1. Bahh love the Joseph picture..wish I could see his face, I'm sure it was priceless hah! We are "bouldering" sometime when I am in town!