Wish List Wednesday.

well, I feel a little less crappy today
a little.
went to get my nails did.
I got a special polish that lasts for two weeks or longer
that's my kind of manicure.
then off to get car worked on and shopping done before I leave tomorrow
this makes me very very sad.
I'll miss Louisville.
never thought I'd say that. 
here's what I purchased today!
turn lock wallet in Folkloric 
I needed a new wallet- badly.
heard this stuff does wonders for your hair
I'm excited to try it!
love these 
they fit amazing.
now if only SPRING would show up
BHAM, please let your weather be nice.
also bought some fragrances for my car from Bath & Body works
much needed after my pumpkin spice died.
so what am I lusting over right now?
eventually I will bite the bullet and get some
also, I really just would love this:
I hear it does wonders for skin
well, off to go take more meds, sniffle and pack


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