Come Here Spring.

I'm dying for Spring 2011.
warm weather.
bright clothes.
no. more. chunky. sweaters.
I'm ready for new new new.
To start off my spring, I'll be rocking orange lips.
okay, orange is my favorite color 
I mean my room walls are orange...
buuut that is not the reason I'm doing this.
Marc by Marc Jacobs  Spring 2011 Show
Look. I'm not lying.
Granted, mine won't be that orange.
and to match...
okay, maybe not worn at the same time. 
either way, orange is finally hot.
and for my random thought of the day...
I'm sipping on one of my favorite drinks right now-
Cran-Apple/Ginger Ale 
Combine these:


delicious. try it.
off to get ready for the day...
yeah, it's 2:00 pm
so what.


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