Home Sweet Home.

Our trip to Lexington was great.
actually that's an understatement
it was the frozen tundra
and we walked everywhere
but it was a fun experience
to see my sweet best friends
and their college experience.
We arrived frostbitten and went straight to dinner
on campus.
it was so good.
I was shocked.
No offense Sammy--but yo food is not that good.
(minus the fro yo w/ mix-ins)
and then trekked to CSF
for worship and a sermon
it was a great experience-- different than what I've been to in the Ham.
and then my absolute fav. 
frozen yogurt
we went to the Orange Leaf
and I got to see friends from high school
It was delish... deeellissshh.
and back to dorms.
The campus was huge-- I had never really thought about it when I visited
back in high school.
It's funny to see how different all of our colleges are
sometimes I wonder am I missing out on big SEC games (Go CATS)
and tailgates and such?
but I know that the Lord has placed me in a setting
that I was uncomfortable with but has been such a blessing
just look at my first blog post.
Thank you Lord for the girls in my life at Samford.
I can't wait to visit again...
Sadly, I won't see them for awhile.
on a less sappy note
I want these:
but in green.
they are huge
but I love.
until later-- I need sleeeeep.


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  1. No offense Sammy--but yo food is not that good.