Let it Snow.

snow is everywhere.
it makes me even more ready for spring
and warmth.
Heather and I went to the mall today
and I saw a deal (shocker)
Bath & Body Works
my favorite scent that is discontinued and only comes out during sales.
if you haven't smelled this before-- it's amazing
light, fresh, delish.
go out and get yourself some ha. 
honestly, all this snow makes me want to curl up in a ball and stay warm
which is what I'm doing right now
I ventured out to Starbucks to get my fix aka Nonfat Cafe Misto. yums.
I can't say I'm ready to go back to school.
Forget college
I'll just live in my bedroom upstairs for the rest of my life and 
that works right?
Oh, I got five prescriptions filled today
Apparently, I have problems.
ha ha


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