Well, the music from Country Strong is still stuck in my head
good morning by the way
I have no idea why I woke up so early
well, early compared to what I'm used to
You know those black boots I got for Christmas?
Steve Madden.
Rue La La.
Well, they decided to fall apart on me
aka the leather was peeling off.
Needless to say I returned those puppies
and found myself another pair which I may love even more.
I love love love
Hopefully they fit.
And those D&G sunglasses I was stalking
they're gone.
maybe that's a sign that I shouldn't get them
Chi Omega's/ Owl Lovers
Look what Kate Spade made for us ha
Meet [Tootsie]
precious if I say so myself.
I may have to pick one up.
I've also been looking at [Lilly]
to cure my winter blues
I need some spring in my life
OH and I just finished buying my textbooks for this semester
I'm just glad it's over.
I got some great deals.



  1. I have those same boots in brown (like the ones marg has)! I noticed you said the leather on your steves where messed up. Mine are wearing down really fast... do you think that is a reason to send them back because I have only had them since christmas!?! I know nothing about this sort of thing!

  2. Ah okay I thought these were them but I couldn't tell in the black or not-- OK well what I'm doing is spraying them with leather protector this next round such as Scotchgard. I would contact Steve Madden and tell them what's going on-- Rue La La was very helpful and I'm sure the actual store/website will be as well. Three weeks is NOT a long time and DEF should not be wearing down!