Pretty Little Hair?

Alright, confession time.
I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars.
I turn it up real loud, yell at the TV, it's bad you all.
But I don't care because I just can't get enough.
Not just of the storyline but the style!
Dang, if my best friends and I looked that good all the time...
Ha, but I will say that Hanna's hair is always lookin' real good.

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See what I mean?
Although, I miss her long hair- she can pull off the short.
But these past episodes she's got some cray updo thing goin' on and it's badddd.
What do ya'll think: long or short?

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  1. I love her and her hair! She is just so cool. Like that effortless cool that I wish I had haha

  2. Oh girl, you're telling me. If only that's what I looked like in high school... ha