Hello all! 
This past week/weekend I have been in Mississippi visiting family.
On the way down there, we stopped in Nashville for some good food and great shopping.
I got two sweaters at LOFT-- One of which was $2. TWO DOLLARS PEOPLE.
Run to your nearest LOFT store.
I will be sure to post pictures of those beauties later.
On a side note, I am the biggest cupcake fan.
On the way down, we stopped in Jackson too at my fav. cupcake shop and I bought 
this goodie.
Orange Blue Moon Cupcake
(Had Blue Moon in it, but you can't taste it)
It does make the cake super fluffy though!
I love orange anything--especially orange muffins.
And while in Mississippi, I shopped at some precious boutiques
and traveled to my all-time fav. town Oxford, MS.
There's just something about the Square...
And I got a much needed manicure:
Pink- Essie
Glitter- OPI
(Of course I can't remember the names...sorry!)
But I have gotten so many compliments- perfect for summer.
Hope everyone has a wonderful past week--especially if it's filled with travels.

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