Quick Blog Sale.

I have been searching through my closet and trying to pick out things
that I no longer wear or have never worn.
This article of clothing goes in the 'never worn' category.
I put them on twice, intending to wear them, but they didn't make it past the front door.
Don't get me wrong, this girl loves herself some cheetah print.
It's my favorite color.
Well, these babies are Rebecca Minkoff jeans and are AWESOME in person.
They have zippers at the bottom and give a little bit. 

Hilary and Vanessa love 'em. You should too!
I will most likely put them on eBay put wanted to see if any of ya'll wanted dibs first.
They retailed for over 300 bucks but I would give them to you all for $60.
Just let a girl know if you're interested!
Oh, size four (and they are skinny jeans)!
e-mail me at mckenziemasters@aol.com.

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