Good For Ya.

Man, I'm sorry it's been awhile. 
I went to my friend's lake house for the weekend and it was great.
Sun, water, tubing, one pieces...
One Piece.
You heard it right.
I'm burnt like a CRISP on my back and decided that would be the best choice.
Modest is hottest people.
(Okay, I always wear bikinis...this was the first time since camp)
Let's talk about somethin' real quick.
I've been reading this book...Skinny Biznatch.
Okay, it's not exactly titled 'Biznatch' but you get it.
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I lurve it. 
It's good stuff.
Curse words scattered throughout but the girls know their stuff about healthy eating.
One of the items listed in there that are good to snack on are Larabars.
Rock on. I had one in my purse and tried it.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
It was so.good.
Larabars are good for you because they contain so few ingredients.
The best one for ya is Pecan Pie due to the fact it has only 3 ingredients. 
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I haven't tried it yet.
So far, I'm a big fan of choc. chip cookie dough and peanut butter chocolate.
Go get yourself some.
P.S. They are cheaper at my Target than Kroger butttt Krogs has more variety.
Hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend.
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  1. I've always wondered if these were actually good! I'm gonna try them now :)

  2. Great! I'm pretty sure anything with chocolate will be good :)