Saturday Steals.

Ya'll, I love a good deal.
I try to find the best bargain out there.
Recently, I have found a few things for a dollar.
A dollar people.
Not much is a dollar these days--here's what I found.
Notecards from Michaels.
Has anyone checked out Michael's dollar section?
Well, if not ya need to.
I really love these and a girl can never have too many notecards.
Letter from Target
I found this in the dollar section at Target.
Those are hit or miss but I knew exactly what I was going to do with this baby:
image via pinterest
Large Mason Jars from Peddlers Mall
I was amazed that these were only a dollar each...I have found them for up to 10 dollars a piece.
This is what I plan to do with these:
image via pinterest
Have ya'll found any great steals lately?
Let a girl know.
Also, I have some pretty exciting news coming that may or may not involve a giveaway.
Say what?
This giveaway will be around the time that I hit 50 followers and you won't want to miss it!
Hope everyone has a fab. Saturday.
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  1. These are all great steals! I'm not really sure where to look since I'm living somewhere new, but hopefully I can find the steals soon!

    1. If your town has a Hobby Lobby--they always always have 40% off coupons!

  2. All of these for ONE DOLLAR? Girl, teach me how to find these steals. Love em!

    1. Baha I would love to! PS Your blog is just about the cutest thing ever--and Yonanas (sp?) What.the.heck. I need one of those like right now.

  3. Great steals girlie. If you make a Pinterest project make sure to post pics. :-)

  4. yes! I picked up those notecards a few weeks ago at Michaels. Those dollar bins are legit my favorite place to pick up cute notecards, journals, and other stationery. Perfect spot for Big/Little items!

    1. Agreed! I just bought some owl goodies from there yesterday for my Little! XO