College is Expensive.

This is for all my college kids out there.
College is expensive--that's kind of a no-brainer.
Whether it's going to the club, grabbing a bite to eat or paying for your books...
money is spent.
I consider myself pretty thrifty (I bring coupons to Krogs and all my friends make fun of me.)
But I don't care because I am saving money.
When it comes to buying textbooks, it is easy to spend an insane amount of money
(especially if you're in nursing school) 
and you never really get it back, even if you sell the books.
Well, I'm here to tell ya my secret about buying textbooks that hopefully saves ya'll some cash.
I discovered this website my freshman year at Samford and have never looked back.
It is called Big Words and it is basically a search engine.
image via google
You type in the ISBN of the book you need to buy/sell and click COMPARE
and it compiles a list of places that buy/sell that book and for how much--they even put in COUPON CODES people.
Is this real life?
But seriously, I have saved hundreds of dollars by just setting aside an hour or two and looking through this database.
eBay is also great for textbooks--I have found that Amazon is not...
If you ever need any help searching for the best deal--tell me!
I'd be happy to help.
And for all of ya'll not in college--sorry about this post but maybe someone you know needs this advice!
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