Hey Ya'll...
This is what my weekend consisted of:
I packed up some of my stuff in this trailer and headed down to Jackson with my family.
It was a whirlwind weekend.
Anddd my dad broke my bed.
Broke my bed people. 
All he did was move it and a wooden piece snapped.
Needless to say, we had to get a new bed. 
Did ya'll enter the Southernly Stated giveaway?!
If not, be sure to visit this post!
I will answer your comments ASAP but I did get asked the question of
'How much weight did I lose on the cleanse?'
The answer: 5-6 pounds
It fluctuated but it was around that.
I just felt better if that make sense.
Let me know if ya'll try it out-- I'd like to know your results.
::I still need some guest bloggers if ya'll are interested comment below!::
Annddd just because it's Monday...

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