Sweet Tooth.

Today is Monday and that means that I babysit twice today.
I love me some kiddos but I am going to be worn out.
Because this week is going to be kid crazy, I had a very relaxing weekend.
This is what it included:
I eat waaay too much fro-yo in the summer.
At least there's fruit?

I got to hang out with this little nugget.
The cutest niece there ever was--Lilly Jane!

I finally received my Erin Condren planner and I am in loooove.
Yeah, it was 10 days late.
Yeah, it was worth it.
Run. Run and get one--I promise you won't be sorry.

I know this looks like a jumbled mess of chocolate (which it may be) 
but I made chocolate covered gummy bears.
Most people cringe when I tell them about this combination but if it's wrong I don't want to be right.
They are so yummy.
Hope ya'll have a great Monday and don't forget to sign up for my GIVEAWAY

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  1. That fro-yo looks delicious! It's way healthier than ice cream. (At least that's what I tell myself. Ha!) And everyone's Erin Condren planners are making me want one. Have a great week!

  2. Haha agreed! Look up 'Yonanas'--it's a machine that makes fro-yo out of fruit. Ah-mazing. You should! They are so so worth it. XO