Last But Not Least...

Hey Ya'll.
Here's the last of what my giveaway package is.....
This picture doesn't do this baby justice.
It's the best coral/pink for the summer (especially with a good tan.)
If ya'll know me, it takes me about all summer to get a tan...Unlike one of my best friend's
Check Heather out ladies.
Please notice her arm (on left) and mine.
There's a color difference.
This need to see her in real life.
Anywho--and for the very last item in my favorite things giveaway...
image via google
A Starbucks gift card!
Ya'll know I love the bux so use this for a free drink or two!
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  1. Can't wait- you are the Oprah of Bloggers. :)
    haha- PS- I'm the same way with taking all summer to tan and then it disappears within a minute. :)

  2. I literally just laughed out loud--that is hysterical! It starts tonight at midnight ;)

    I'm glad someone shares my tanning probs. haha XO

  3. Haha- Well I will be ready to enter. :)